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The competition is tough for companies that aim to be the winners of the market and it is important
to analyze the customers’ search behavior and needs.


Why we need Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

Around 50 000 000 Google searches are made daily in Sweden and Google’s duty is to assist us find relevant and useful information and to give us the best user experience possible. No problem the reason for our searches the consumer is expecting relevant data only a click away. It is becoming more clear that the future belongs to brands and organizations that focus on relevance that offers the exact right content, based on their customers’ needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective way to achieve this, as it helps your content show, pop out and reach a higher position on the search engine result list. We at CodeLedge, offer the best SEO services which lead your business to the next level. Search Engine Optimization is very important if you want to grow your business digitally.

How does SEO work?

The initial step to great SEO is to ensure that the visitors find the content that is already present on your site. This objective can be acknowledged through optimized content and site structure.

Googles search restarts analyze different parts of your web-page to determine if your site is useful and relevant. They inspect the title of the page, headers and captions. Even the meta information of the page is checked, that is the information that lies hidden in the page source code. To get highly ranked on Google, this kind of content needs to be named in a correct way with relevant keywords and phrases. Also it should be well fitted with the rest of the content on the website.


SEO News & Research

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