YouTube Viewership is Increasing, But YouTubers Earning is Going Down

April 15, 2020


YouTube traffic is on the rise amidst the coronavirus pandemic, however it’s not converting into greater profit for video makers.

The New York Times detailed a week ago that YouTube traffic is up 15%.

But, YouTube channels are apparently gaining less cash amidst of a flood in viewership.

A similar reason behind why viewership is up is also the reason behind why YouTubers are getting less cash in spite of increased views.

Pandemic Raises Viewership, Lowers Advertising Rates

As Chris Stokel-Walker calls mention in a report published to Medium’s OneZero, promoting rates on YouTube have dropped by about half since the start of February.

“Everybody is pausing their campaigns on YouTube,” the report says.

Roberto Blake, a YouTuber who also runs advertisements on the YouTube, is saying in a report that YouTubers have it more terrible than others right now with regards to promoting CPM (the measure of income earned per thousand views).

“People I know are going down from $8 to $5.50. I’m seeing people go down from $12 to $4,” says Blake.

Considering the financial vulnerability caused by the pandemic, combined with a quickly changing purchaser scene, it’s no big surprise organizations are reeling in their advertisement spend.

Why Are Earnings Going Down?

YouTubers earn profit from people seeing ads on recordings, and those views are just worth what an advertiser is willing to pay for them.

Less promoters running ads implies they will pay less for advertisements because of decreased competition.

The cost of display ads is dictated by what number of promoters are “bidding” on the stock.

When there’s many promoters needing to pay for a similar advertisement space, it makes an bidding war which drives up the cost of promotions.

On the other hand, when promoters pause their campaigns and stop bidding on ads, the cost remains low.

When the cost of promotions goes down, income for the ad publisher (YouTube and its makers) also goes down.

That is the reason YouTubers are earning less regardless of whether they’re receiving more views on their videos.

Presenting a Case for Continued Content Creation

Now, YouTubers might be wondering why they should keep on putting their time and assets into making content for little return.

Indeed, there’s a couple of advantages that quickly ring a bell, gave your conditions despite everything permit you to make content at this moment.

Build a bigger following

As it stands, more views doesn’t approach more income. But it can rise to more subscribers.

Creators can utilize this opportunity to pull in new subscribers and advantage later when promoting rates move a positive way.

Maintain Authenticity

Making content at a time where it’s not as worthwhile to do so says a lot about your character.

Abandoning your channel during a financial downturn can conceivably harm your authenticity in the eyes of your watchers.

What’s happening on the planet is probably going to be temporary, but people’ activities will be remembered long after this is over.

People need Entertainment

With people being stuck in isolation under stay-at-home orders, there is a more requirement for new content now like never before.

Offer back to your watchers by making content that keeps them engaged, educated, or inspired.

Again, this is something that will leave an enduring impact on your crowd.

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