WordPress Plugin Gutenberg 9.2 Offers Dozens Of New Features

October 22, 2020
WordPress Plugin Gutenberg 9-2 offers dozens of new features

WordPress Plugin Gutenberg 9.2 Offers Many New Features

WordPress Gutenberg 9.2 is here and it comes with a security fix and numerous improvements, carrying Gutenberg closer to being a fully developed way of making site pages. Here, we will discuss some of the newly introduced features.

Security Fix

This security fix tends to an especially terrible type of attack called a Regular Expression Denial of Service (ReDoS) attack. A ReDos attack makes a server over-load CPU utilization, carrying the server to a stop.

Picture Alt Text Fallback

The next outstanding change is to include an alt text fallback for when no alt text is determined. Gutenberg will utilize the caption as the alt text.

It’s apparently not an ideal solution because that implies a screen reader will repeat a similar phrase twice.

The alt text should preferably be a unique description of what the picture is, which should be not quite the same as what’s in a caption.

As per the description:

“The image caption is set as the alt text where there is none supplied.”

Support for Video Subtitles

Gutenberg 9.2 includes support for including video subtitles, which is a pretty cool feature. The video media workspace now incorporates a dropdown that gives an option to include subtitles.


WordPress Video Subtitles Screenshot

Information Panel Design Update

There is an update to the way in which an information panel shows up. The info panel is a toggled display of insights of the current document, for example, the character count, words and headings used.

This is a UI improvement, but also a stopgap until a final version is created.


WP info panel screenshot

Post Featured Image Link

This adds the ability to make the featured picture a link to the article. The documentation is unclear regarding whether this is for a section that lists articles where an featured picture can be a clickable component.

Widgets Screen

The gadgets screen has a lot of steady improvements, including accessibility improvements. The accessibility improvement is to adding important names to ARIA milestones to make them more engaging.

As per the GitHub page:

“This tiny PR provides more meaningful names for the ARIA landmarks in the new Widgets screen by passing specific labels instead of relying on the defaults.”

Bug Fixes, Performance and Documentation

Gutenberg 9.2 comes with many bug fixes, a couple in the hood performance enhancements, increases to the documentation and code quality fixes.

Overall, these upgrades are about making Gutenberg a viable way to make WordPress sites.

Some of the increases are things that are already available in modern third party page builders. So in a way, WordPress is playing catch up. Nevertheless, this is progress toward an advanced site editing process.

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