WordPress Gutenberg 10.1 Dramatically Boosts Core Web Vitals Performance

March 8, 2021
WordPress Gutenberg 10.1 Dramatically Boosts Core Web Vitals Performance

WordPress Gutenberg 10.1 Dramatically Boosts Core Web Vitals Performance

WordPress Gutenberg 10.1, released March 3, 2021, significantly supports Core Web Vitals performance. WordPress now includes huge page speed gains.

Gutenberg 10.1 is Released

WordPress reported the release of Gutenberg 10.1 and covered on the whole tiny details of new features was an improvement that publishers have been waiting for.

Google is soon updating their algorithm to give a little ranking boost to websites that have a passing Core Web Vitals score.

Center Web Vitals are a bunch of measurements that collectively portray whether a site page conveys a positive or negative user experience when they visit the site page.

There is no in between score. A website can either pass or fail the Core Web Vitals test.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a new way of building sites that means to simplify the process of building sites. It’s sort of comparative (but not exactly) to a “What You See is What You Get (WYSIWIG)” page builder interface.

The Gutenberg editor sets out to reconsider the site building process as one including blocks of page elements.

For instance, one block can be the header. The next block beneath the header can be the menu section. Underneath that block is the content block, followed by a footer block.

For the content area there are different blocks that can be used to make a huge variety of custom layouts. Gutenberg is a visual method of making pages by utilizing pre-made layout pieces called blocks.

So if you need a contact form you can decide to drop in a contact form block. If you need to make columns inside the content area you can pick a Columns block.

The page developer interface is a famous method to make sites that will work on the process. That way more publishers can make sites without having over programming, freeing content publishers to focus more on the content and less on coding and plugins.

The Gutenberg Code Bloat that Was Fixed

Each Gutenberg block has style codes that are explicit to each block. The style codes direct how each block looks.

Past to this update, sites made with Gutenberg loaded each style code for each block that can be used, on each page of the site.

This implied that a giant file with code for each block was loaded on all pages, regardless if you used that block or not.

Excessive code can cause the page experience to degrade. The more slow a page loads the terrible the user experience becomes.

Slow loading site pages are disappointing and can make a site earn less.

Furthermore, because on May 2021, quick website pages will have a slight benefit over more slow pages as a ranking boost in Google, improving page speed performance is a major issue at this moment.

Gutenberg 10.1 is a Speed Champ

The consequences of this little change are prominent.

WordPress measure the before and after Core Web Vitals performance scores and the thing that matters was overwhelmingly positive.

These are the Core Web Vitals score before the Gutenberg upgrades:


This is a screen capture of the Core Web Vitals scores after improvements:


It’s evident that Gutenberg 10.1 addresses a critical step forward for improving page speed performance.

The WordPress developers portrayed their achievement like this:

“There is a significant performance boost, and that’s on a simple page with not too many blocks. On more complex structures the effect will be even more pronounced!”

WordPress Core Web Vitals Boost is Real

While this change to how CSS is delivered can be supposed to be incremental, the advantage to publishers and users is gigantic. This update fixes one of the significant code bloat issues influencing Gutenberg. With this issue settled, Gutenberg turns into a more reasonable content management system.

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