WordPress 5.5 will have the Auto-Update feature for Plugins and themes

March 18, 2020
WordPress 5-5 will have the Auto-Update feature for Plugins and themes

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The upcoming WordPress 5.5 update will increase the CMS’s auto-updating capacities to themes and plugins.

As of now, auto-updating is just available for the WordPress CMS core. In coming future, when a steady version of WordPress 5.5 turns out to everybody, themes and plugins can be set to update automatically too.

Probably, the auto-update feature is being stretched out to themes and plugins with an end goal to avoid website hacks.

Only two or three weeks back we published an article about 8 famous WordPress plugins being misused by hackers. In each example, programmers had the option to deal with a site by abusing a defenselessness in the plugin.

Vulnerabilities, for example, those, can be quickly fixed with a fast update. The issue is that many site proprietors install plugins and themes and afterward forget to update them.

At the point when 5.5 turns out, site proprietors can hypothetically introduce modules, disregard them, and still be sheltered on the grounds that the modules will be refreshed consequently.

Long past due element has been in progress for months

This functionality has been in progress since 2019, however it’s seemingly much longer overdue than that.

In February, the official WordPress team released a plugin with this accurate feature. Be cautious if you download it, because it’s as yet a beta test plugin right now.

The plugin notes express that this component was initially scheduled for launch in 2019. It didn’t send on schedule, however it wasn’t overlooked.

Auto-updating of themes and plugins is currently expected to transport with the upcoming version of WordPress (v5.5).

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