WordPress 5.4 Will Add Lazy Loading to All Images without any Plugin

January 30, 2020

WordPress 5.4 Will Add Lazy Loading to All Images

WordPress reported that WordPress 5.4 may feature image lazy-loading by default. This newly added component will enable the “loading” HTML component on all IMG attributes. WordPress developers will never again need to utilize JavaScript or external WordPress plugins for lazy loading their pictures.


The lazy loading HTML element tells a browser to either hold up before downloading a picture or to download it immediately. There is no JavaScript need to achieve this.

There are three types of lazy-loading properties however just two that truly matter:

  • Lazy
  • Eager

Lazy, which will be empowered in WordPress 5.4 by default, intends to hold up until the users browser viewport is inside a specific separation before downloading the picture. This process will accelerate a users experience on WordPress websites.

The “Eager” component advises the browser to download the picture immediately.

WordPress 5.4 Release Date

WordPress 5.4 is currently set to release on March 31, 2020. That date is liable to change depends upon how prepared the release is. But WordPress has been awesome about meeting their deadlines.

According to the WordPress announcement:

“The implementation seeks to enable lazy-loading images by default, providing the loading attribute with value lazy on the following img tags:

  • Images in post content
  • Images in post excerpts
  • Images in comments
  • Images in text widget content
  • Individual images rendered via wp_get_attachment_image()
  • Avatar images rendered via get_avatar()

Note that loading=”lazy” will only be added if the respective tag does not yet include a loading attribute. In other words, to prevent an image from being lazy-loaded, it is recommended to specify loading=”eager”.”

As indicated by the WordPress comments, the lazy-loading properties will be actualized in a way that makes it simple to expel them. This is significant if future programs start lazy-loading all pictures by default, without the requirement for a loading attribute.

Google has demonstrated by means of Web.dev that there are plans to naturally empower apathetic stacking to all pictures when a program in the Lite mode (some time ago known as Data Saver mode).

Test Drive WordPress Lazy-Loading

The WordPress team has authoritatively released a WordPress lazy-loading plugin designed for testing purposes. WordPress Developers who need to test it and give feedback are free to download the plugin and check out it.

Read the Official WordPress Statement here:

Lazy-Loading Images in WordPress 5.4

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