WordPress 5.3 Get Closer to its Valid HTML Standards

November 7, 2019

WordPress 5.3 Get Closer to its Valid HTML Standards

WordPress announced that version 5.3 will utilize improved coding that will be nearer to HTML Standards. There are valid justifications why valid HTML should be considered as significant for SEO. While the WordPress HTML will not be 100% valid, this update is a step towards valid HTML standards.

WordPress new release date is hesitantly set on November 12, 2019. WordPress is no doubt the best content management system at the movement. This means the achieving the Valid HTML tag is becoming closer now for many websites.

Official WordPress Announcement

This is how the official WordPress announcement explains about changes in WordPress 5.3:

“In HTML5, the type attribute is not required for the <script> and <style> tags. Including the attribute on these tags (type=”text/javascript”, for example) will trigger a validation warning in HTML validation tools.

In WordPress 5.3, two new arguments are now supported for the html5 theme feature, script and style. When these arguments are passed, the type attribute will not be output for those tags.”

Why HTML validation is important?

HTML Language have many rules. Firstly, bots and browsers worked well when rules were followed. But in this fast growing digital world developers outpaced the rules.

As Search Engines and browsers demanded the content and developers adapted to non-confirming HTML.

But still, the best way to communicate with browser and search engine is to use valid HTML because when you follow the rules, there is a less chance to make a mistake.

The Soul of SEO, the heart of it, is to communicate information to the users and search engines.

Invalid HTML works against you. Poor HTML markup doesn’t necessarily block your message (but in some cases it can). It make harder to communicate with the browser and search engine.

Why WordPress 5.3 HTML Improvement is Necessary?

I was reading an article in which the writer asked the SEO expert Edward Lewis for his thoughts on WordPress fixing the type attribute error:

“It is a BIG deal. It will eliminate a gajillion warnings from validation routines. Some sites will now go green and be 100% valid since they’ve failed to heed the warnings.”

WordPress finally removing the “type” attribute in <script> and <style> tags in indeed a big deal.

WordPress 5.3 Include many Improvements

There are many more improvements coming in WordPress version 5.3, it is not just limited to this one fix. There are many other fixes in WP 5.3 that may be important for developers.

But this update will directly hit the developers and SEO experts. WordPress 5.3 will be good for publishers and for SEO.

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