Why WP-Rocket Plugin Is Likely Not Reason for Google SERPs Glitch

July 10, 2020


Pictures have disappeared from Google’s search results pages once again. The bug seems to affect recipe bloggers the most. Some are stating that WP Rocket had something to do with it. But that is not confirmed.

The sites that have the carousels at the cover of the page lost their rankings.

The websites that were in the regular search results held their rankings however lost the picture that should go with their SERP listing.

WP Rocket Suspected as Associated with the Problem

Numerous bloggers observed that every one of them had WP Rocket in common. They started to presume that WP Rocket was making the pictures not be seen by Google. If that is valid then that would clarify why the pictures were vanishing from Google’s SERPs.

WP Rocket is a plugin whose objective for existing is to accelerate a site.

A caching plugin can take JavaScript and CSS files, including those related with plugins and then shrink them down (a procedure called minifying).

WP Rocket also takes files and places them into a cache. A cache is like a snapshot. This saves time because WordPress doesn’t need to get data from a database but can utilize the cached file.

But sometimes the process of minifying or caching can meddle with the operation of a plugin, making the site not work accurately.

Sometimes this happens when a plugin has updated but WP Rocket (or some other caching plugin) doesn’t automatically update the cache or minified files.

That is the reason it’s a decent practice to flush the cache and create a new cache as well as minify files whenever WordPress itself updates or when a plugin updates.

One would believe that a plugin would do that automatically and it can. But nothing is great and caching plugins can be a little testy.

WP Rocket Not at Fault – Update

As indicated by Casey Markee

“Most likely, there are multiple plugin conflicts that are causing these temporary rendering issues. One of them, Grow by Mediavine was definitively the triggering cause in several cases we traced over the last 48 hours.

As for the WP Rocket issue, it “could” be the issue in select situations and I know of two cases we can say that was the case as they didn’t have Grow installed. In the end, anything that impedes JS or CSS from loading can cause issues.”

No Word from Google

Google’s John Mueller asked for URLs and numerous bloggers reacted. Maybe they thought the issue was resolved?

At that point, July eighth, it was not so much sure this was an issue explicit to WP Rocket. It gave off an impression of being a WP Rocket issue but evidently it was not.

The issue had to do with a totally different WordPress Plugin called Grow by MediaVine.

WordPress Grow is the Source of the Image Problems

This is a decent outline of how the conspicuous suspect isn’t generally the issue. By being self-evident, many people will quit searching for an answer since they are satisfied that the most clear applaicant is to blame. It’s a typical inclination in diagnosing an issue.

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