Why White Hat SEO is not Workable to Attract Consistent Traffic in Sweden

September 12, 2019

Why White Hat SEO is No Longer a Thing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important thing to build your brand’s online visibility. If you are not visible, when people search for your services you are losing your customers.

There are two type of SEO, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Some of the SEO industry promote themselves as White Hat. It means they are ethical. Those same SEOs posit that Black Hat are the bad guys.

Black and White hat thing is not as black and white as we have been led to believe. First we will talk about the difference in these two things.

Difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

There has been always a tension between white hat SEO and Google’s rules. White hat SEO looked for holes to exploit and then backed off when Google close them. That is a historical fact.

Taking advantage of the gaps and balancing the risk and reward of a tactic is something that White Hat and Black Hat SEO share in common.

In actual practice, there has always been some difference to achieve goals between these two, particularly in employing strategies that scaled.

Here are the seven Black Hat Myths as Told by the White Hats:

1. Black Hats Believe They are Above the Rules

It is very much understandable that Google defines what is good and bad SEO.
The reality is Google provide guidelines to help publishers understand what Google wants you to do and what not do.

They are just Google’s Guidelines, not a law. Google’s guidelines have no moral face either.

It is unethical to violate Google’s guidelines on behalf of the client who has no idea.

Other than that, violating Google’s guidelines is not a matter of ethics. It’s about balancing the risk and reward of a tactic.

Google rules and definitions are clear and everyone can work up to or across line that Google has defined, both White hat and black hat.

2. White Hat Define Black Hat as Short Term Thinkers

It takes a significant amount of analysis and moths of planning to execute the Black Hat SEO paln that results in extensive amounts of profit.

Black Hat SEO is a business structure that is in a constant state of planning and creation. It never stops. There is nothing short term about this manner of working.

This business model may violate Google’s guidelines but they don’t violate any laws. Both type of SEO exists in a state of adversarial tension with Google.

3. Black Hat SEO are not Violators

Individuals who violate laws are criminals. Black Hat SEO violates only Google’s guidelines and does not violate any law.

Online users who violate laws are criminals and are not practicing SEO. They are Hackers. So there is a clear difference between Hackers and Black hat SEO.

4. Black Hat cannot Generate Value?

You will be shocked to know that the seniors and director level SEOs of fortune 500 companies are black hat spammers.

Knowing who did what and when, the best black hatters knows SEO better than 99% of everyone else in the industry.

If you want to succeed in that sector, you have to be the best. Off course Black hatters know how to generate values. That’s why they are working for the top brands.

5. Short Term Ranking

Some people self-identify as white hat accuse Black Hat strategies as a failure because they are short term strategies. They think black hats generate the website, monetize it and then it gets burned.

That is a misunderstanding created by the white hat SEOs. Black hats develop a business model.

There is no urge for ranking in the long term. It’s a business model for cashing in fast while the opportunity is available. It’s not a business model for lazy persons, the ignorant or those short of funds.

6. Search Engine make Back Hat SEO Worthless?

There’s a patent amount of truth in the myth that black hat strategies are worthless. It’s true that Google has made good progress against aggressive SEO strategies.

Scaling up SEO is a black hat technique that white hats also use.

There are white hats who pay to be listed in articles in major newspapers on different topics. They can list those publications on their homepage and everyone goes “ooo” and “woww” what a great white hats they are.

But it’s a lie. It’s a paid for testimonial. But those testimonials builds trust among the users and help in brand building that ranks well in Google.

There is a black hat under many of the white hats everywhere and many are getting away with it. So, search engines are not making black hat SEO worthless. It’s only a myth nothing more than that.

7. Black Hat is unethical

White Hat SEO like to paint black hat SEOs as unethical.

Google’s guidelines are not about ethics. They are Google’s rules to follow.

White hat SEO is not about ethics. By pointing someone else as negative, a white hat can contrast themselves in the positive light.

If we were to go by Google’s definition of SEO, all SEO would be defined as black hat because Google’s definition of SEO is limited to making a site easy to crawl and assuring that the content is “awesome”.

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