Why Finding Your Brand Purpose is Beneficial for your Business?

January 4, 2021

Why Finding Your Brand Purpose is Beneficial for your Business?

Finding your brand purpose should be the most important step of your general brand strategy, yet not many companies do it. This article means to characterize the idea of brand purpose and why it’s so essential to any organization’s brand strategy.

What is a brand purpose?

A brand purpose is the purpose behind an organization’s activities. It depends on what an organization firmly believes in, and why it can matter in the world. It isn’t really about saving the planet, however, it needs to be worthy to some extent. For instance, by making little yet important moves.

To discover your brand purpose you need to ask yourself: Why does your organization/brand exist? What is its long-term purpose to improve the society as it is today?

The advantages of having a reasonable brand purpose

Brands who have a purpose:

  1. Stand up for a belief that will increase the value of the lives of their shoppers, society and the environment.
  2. Stand apart from competitors thanks to a focused long-term strategy and an exceptionally clear message.
  3. Stand firm by making a solid corporate culture with a clear vision for the brand’s long-term mission.

Why it is so significant?

Today, every organization knows what they do (for example selling shower gels), a few companies know how they do it (for example through a reasonable brand separation strategy, a fun packaging design, a creative ad campaign), yet not many really know why they do it (for example to help individuals feel better and acknowledge their body as it was, as Dove does it).

However, a company whose representatives can respond to the inquiry, “Why are we here?” will make deeper emotional connections with consumers, employees, investors and other stakeholders. Today, customers need brands and items that add a genuine significance to their lives, and representatives need to comprehend what the genuine motivation behind working for a specific company is. Brands need not only to represent their products, however the people behind the products as well.

Examples of brand purposes summed up in one sentence

Here are a few instances of brand purposes summed up in only one sentence. You’ll see that some can appear to be stronger than others. The stronger the purpose is, the stronger your long-term strategy will be.

Nike-brand-purpose Patagonia-brand-purpose

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