Why Business Need a Brand Bidding Strategy?

December 9, 2019


A brand’s site may rank well organically, but competitors have more real estate than ever to promote their offer and crowd out other results.

How should you compete the competitive ads in the face of the changing SERP landscape? Everybody has a conclusion.

The Professional Brand Bidders Content:

  • Studies show that as much as 89% of paid traffic is gradual and not supplanted by organic traffic when campaigns are paused.
  • Contending ads can win 40% of branded search clicks when the brand isn’t running an ad; that number drops to 11% when a branded ad appears.
  • Brand keywords will in general have top notch Scores and low CPCs, driving solid returns.

The Anti-Brand Bidders says:

  • Seen wins from brand campaigns are a deception because of selection bias. Branded ads aren’t starting thought, they’re simply taking credit for existing interest.
  • Google Ads are a shakedown and organizations shouldn’t need to pay to show up above competitors on their own terms.
  • Promoters already invested budget to make brand awareness; paying for brand clicks that could have been won organically is cannibalization (and costly, since brand CPCs continue rising!)

Brand Bidding Should Be Strategic, Not Theological

Brand offering isn’t right or off-base, great or evil.

It’s a business choice that should to be made impartially.

There’s not a worldwide “yes” or “no” response to whether you should run paid inquiry on brand terms.

Rather, the correct response for any business depends on a series of conditions.

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