What is Website Differentiation? How to make your Website Looks Different?

December 4, 2019


What Makes a Website Different From Others?

First thing to do is creating a comparison report which every site publisher should do before committing a single line of code.

It’s doesn’t have anything complex. It could be a simple list of positive and negative qualities of website after analyzing your competitors websites.

Here are some questions which helps you in differentiation:

  • What are the things that competitors do right?
  • What are the poor things Competitor do?
  • What competitor is missing?
  • What is the target audience of competitor?
  • Do the competitor have authority?
  • What makes competitors authorized?

What is Website Differentiation?

According to word meaning differentiation is defined as being different, but here differentiation is not just about being different. Design creative images, styles, colors and fonts and so on are superficial ways to differentiate a website.

According to me, if a site owner really want to differentiate themselves, they have to focus on what will make the site more popular.

Google leans to rank websites that users want to see. If you are thinking about why users prefer some sites over others? Here are the some reasons.

  • First reason is because popular pages tend to answer questions faster and solve problems quickly and effeciently.
  • Second reason is convenience.
  • Third reason is because the website reflects the site visitor. In some way the site might communicate the goals and aspirations of the website visitors.

All of the above reasons back to know your target audience.

Knowing your Audience Makes a Site Different

Differentiating you website is about understanding your visitors who are making those search queries and analyzing all of the expected desires inherent in the question they are asking.

  • The person shopping for shoes is shopping for more than just to wear on their feet.
  • An other example, the person looking for government job striving to something greater than employment.

Anything that help users to see the expected thing should help move ranking in the right direction. Anything that stands in the way will move the rankings down.

In other words, users are the new ranking factors.  So make a strategy according to your users desires and expectations, that will help you to differentiate your website.

When you are analyzing your competitors that what things they are right, always look for what they are doing right for users. Then make a list of all things that competitors are doing wrong for users.

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