What is the Perfect Blog Post Length for SEO in Sweden?

June 25, 2020

What is the Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO in Sweden?

It’s normally pondered, looked, and discussed by everyone who works with site content: What’s the perfect blog post length for SEO in Sweden?

The appropriate response isn’t as easy as a number of words.

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There are many factors that can and should be viewed as when choosing what is the perfect length for your articles or blog posts, however the two most significant elements to find a solution are:

Who is your target audience?

To what extent does the post need to be effectively explaining the material in a manner that resonates with its readers?

People generally assume quickly that shorter content is best for users. It’s simpler and quicker to read, and people would prefer not to stare at something very similar on a PC screen for long.

We definitely realize abilities to focus are getting shorter each generation in Sweden and globally. But, does that mean shorter articles mean a better user experience and, therefore, a better organic ranking in search?

Statistics Don’t Lie

Stats offer a quite decent beginning point, however we all realize they can sometimes also be manipulated.

So, we should get something clear from the get-go: regardless of length, there is continually going to be good content and there is continually going to be terrible content.

Studies inspecting hundreds or thousands of pages of content, are most likely not analyzing which content is great, which is really awful, which is average, etc. It’s examining article length and how that may influence how good or bad that content winds up being founded on straightforward practically.

Normal content length for Page 1 results is around 1,900 words, as indicated by a case study in 2016. That is much longer than the 200-or 500-word blog posts most authors or website admin believe is perfect.

Depending upon the question, the search results on Page 1 may not be overwhelmed with blog-style content, however the content that will be regarded ingenious by users — and Google — absolutely may include well-constructed, nice blogging content that fulfills a search inquiry.

Quality Over Quantity: Don’t Focus on Article Length

Many people put a lot of an emphasis on the normal word length for articles and the misunderstood significance of having more than a specific number of words on each page to rank well.

Without a doubt, it’s imperative to have some content (and length) to the piece; however it’s not worth publishing a 2,500-word excess review of a film discussing the primary character’s awful hair and foul language four unique ways all through the aggregate of the content.

Obviously the film offered different components and scenes that make the film good or bad. Have discussion about them. Explain genuine circumstances with reactions and in-depth explanations.

That is the thing that people are searching for when they search for information about a film. “Was the film good?”; “Why was it good or bad?”; and “Should I watch it?” are the genuine inquiries. The best film reviews answer every one of the three of those inquiries and don’t make it difficult to make sense of.

Give users what they need regardless to what number of words it takes to say it.

Final Words

Your content can take numerous forms, and it can be found and consumed in different ways.

It shouldn’t be your objective to write 2,000 words on a blog post just because that appears the “perfect length” to rank well in organic search.

If you’re stressed over hitting a perfect blog post length for SEO, then you’re overlooking the main issue totally.

Your objective should be to supply the best, most helpful (and upgraded) version of content for your target audience that coordinates their goal.

Your crowd will value it – and your site analytics will reflect that.

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