What is the New Shopify Google Web Vitals App?

September 15, 2020
What-is-the-New-Shopify-Google-Web-Vitals App?

What is the New Shopify Google Web Vitals App?

Shopify now has a new application that shows a website’s Google Web Vitals score. Improving the scores may enable a site to perform better. In 2021 the Web Vitals scores will become ranking factors.

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What is the Shopify Web Vitals App?

The application gives Shopify shop merchants the ability to check their Web Vitals score and compare them to the competition.

The application was made by Ilya Grigorik (@igrigorik), Director of Developer Relations at Google.

Ilya announced it on Twitter:

“Run a Shopify store and curious how it performs against the Core Web Vitals recommendations for LCP, FID, and CLS? Bonus, how it stack up against the competition?”

What is Web Vitals?

Web Vitals is composed of three metrics that together report on the user experience of website visitors.

Scoring high on the Web Vitals measurements is an indication that a page downloads rapidly and is usable to website guests.

Those performance benchmarks have been related with higher sales and contribute to positive user experiences on a site.

Web Vitals comprise of three measurements:

  • Cumulative Layout Shift
  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • First Input Delay

Cumulative Layout Shift

This estimates the inclination of the components on a website page to move around as the page downloads. A website page isn’t usable until the visible page components like buttons, forms, text and pictures have downloaded and don’t move.

Less waiting for a page to become usable is related with a better user experience and higher deals.

Largest Contentful Paint

Largest Contentful Paint measures the download speed of the main website page components that are visible to a webpage visitor. This doesn’t measure if the page can be connected with.

It’s only a metric that estimates how long a website visitor needs to hold up until they can really see the page content.

Site visitors who need to hold up quite a while, especially on a cell phone, will in general bounce away from a site and go search for another site to purchase from.

First Input Delay

FID gauges how much time it takes for a site page to react after a user interacts with it.

Sometime there can be web page components that download in the background that can prevent a user from communicating with a website page.

For instance, if a page contains scripts that are important for a form to work, the webpage visitor needs to hold up until that content downloads before they can interact with it.

Sometimes there are scripts, videos or other page components that are downloading in the background that make a blocking impact that keeps a users from clicking a navigation button or looking down to a lower part of a page,preventing a user from interacting with it.

Shopify Web Vitals App is Convenient

The application is shown inside a Shopify vendor’s dashboard.

As indicated by the Shopify application page:

Embedded report on your storefront & your competition

This app provides a built-in report into how real-world Google Chrome users experience your Shopify-powered storefront, as captured by the Chrome UX Report, and enables you to benchmark your site against a custom list of competitors with respect to each of the vital metrics…”

Shopify Web Vitals App

The Shopify Web Vitals application brings modern web metrics to all Shopify merchants. The application will assist merchants with improving deals and user experience. In 2021 it will also assist them with rank better in Google.

Read the Shopify App Page

Core Web Vitals Dashboard


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