What is the Difference Between LSAs, Google Guaranteed & Google Screened in PPC?

September 11, 2020
What is the Difference Between LSAs, Google Guaranteed & Google Screened in PPC

What is the Difference Between LSAs, Google Guaranteed & Google Screened in PPC?

There’s been a lot of news recently about Local Service Ads (LSAs), Google Guaranteed, and Google Screened.

New industries included, changes to the platform, and other updates provoked PPC Expert Navah Hopkins to reply:

“Just what are these local service ads and how do I get the green checkmark?”

What’s the Difference Between LSAs, Google Guaranteed and Google Screened?

LSAs, Google Guaranteed & Google Screened

Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads are pay per lead, not click: you’ll have the option to bid on a per lead basis instead of paying for clicks that don’t transform into engagements with your intake team.

  • These ads serve through typical SERPs (search engines results pages) on mobile, desktop, tablet gadgets, as well as through voice search.
  • They rank dependent on positive reviews and proximity to the searcher.
  • Part of the process of signing up for Local Service Ads implies turning out to be Google Guaranteed (background checks, checking licenses, and insurance).


Google Guarantee

  • Serves next to your Local Service Ad to tell potential customers that you’re secured by the Google Guarantee (up to $2,000).
  • Requires personal investigations, licenses, and insurance for the business and all customer-facing employees.
  • This designed more for home service providers (plumbers/locksmiths)


Google Screened

  • Customers who have experienced the background verifications required of the Google Guarantee, and have a client review score of 3+.
  • There is no inclusion for customer claims.
  • This is geared mostly towards lawyers and financial providers.

Why Are LSAs Exciting?

Local Service Ads are energizing because:

A lot less expensive than traditional click to call PPC (normal monthly budget of $5,000 versus $15,000+)

Pay per lead: you just pay for calls that last at least 2 minutes

A significant ranking factor is the amazing experience you give your clients, making everything fair for firms large and small to win.



Local Service Ads are extraordinary for local SMBs with customer support senses and an adoration for phone leads.

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