What is the Best Way to Handle Outdated Content in Sweden?

July 9, 2020



There are a few ways that you can take with content that has gotten obsolete and out of date, and a simple method to remember this is by following the three Rs:

Revamp It

Revamping and repurposing content that already exists is a sound technique that many organizations utilize.

If content gets obsolete, you can easily update that content to make it current again.

While this works with most content types, it is understood that the simplicity of this may vary from industry to industry.

Repurpose It

When content gets obsolete or outdated, but doesn’t pose a liability to the organization, for example, a discontinued product or list of best practices, the alternative to repurpose the page for a user comes into play.

The thought here is to not dispose of the page, but instead, add a link to tell people that there is a updated version of it somewhere else on the site.

You would do this when the old page despite everything gets traffic, the content isn’t an obligation, and there is a relevant piece of content to 301 redirects it to.

Redirect It

When the choice to rewrite or repurpose the content doesn’t exists or the content is a risk, then the legitimate step is to wholesale 301 divert that content to something more current.

This is a basic procedure that requires the person to just recognize a new page for the obsolete content to point to and execute the 301 redirect.

When Should You NOT Remove Content?

When Content Is Still Working for You and Still Makes Sense for Your Product or Offering

This may seem like common sense because what it is. A few people feel compelled to change things just because they need to transform it and believe that they should update it because a certain amount of time has passed.

This is not a smart thought. But, it’s something that happens very frequently.

If content on your site clarifies your product or offering great, conveys the correct data to your clients so they can settle on an educated choice, and drives great search results, then leave it alone.

Even though you should to be continually looking and considering ways you can build your search impression, it doesn’t mean you need to return to content on a page that is doing the correct sort of work for you.

In SEO you can generally live by the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

By the day’s end it’s everything about connecting with your clients in the fairest way possible. Your site should just have content that has the value to them, and doesn’t place you in a dubious circumstance simultaneously.

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