What is Personal Branding and Why it is Important?

December 20, 2019

What is Personal Branding and Why it is Important

The idea of a business building a brand for itself is an entirely common thought today.

Most, if not all, businesses are branded, and they generate revenue by building up those brands.

So why can’t people do something very similar?

A personal brand isn’t that vastly different from a business brand. Rather than promoting a store or item, you’re advertising yourself.

Building up a personal brand has a huge amount of advantages, both personally and expertly, and it can help open many ways for you later on.

In this article, we’ll dig into precisely what a personal brand is as well as why it is worth developing.

What is Personal Branding?

If you Google your name, what comes up?

If the appropriate response is “nothing”, you most likely haven’t invested a lot of energy building up your personal brand.

For example if I Google “Adam Heitzman”, the whole first page of the Google SERPs is dedicated to it’s online presence.

You’ll see its business pages, it’s social media pages, and different sites where he have distributed articles, for example, Entrepreneur Magazine and GoDaddy.

You don’t need to click on any of the links to comprehend that its “brand” is related to online business marketing.

This is because he has taken the effort to build up his brand through his online presence. This person has created social media profiles on all the significant sites, for example, LinkedIn and Twitter.

A few people decide to build up a logo and theme for their personal brand (take Oprah, for instance) and they’ll guarantee that those logos and hues are also reliable inside each page that incorporates their name.

4 Valid Reasons to Create a Personal Brand

1. To Standout from the Crowd

A personal brand is an incredible method to show your skills and information about a specific subject or field.

You may have more knowledge than John Doe beside you, but if somebody Googles your name and John Doe’s and John is the one with a personal brand and expert online presence, he’s going to look superior than you.

Building a brand is your opportunity to show your audience what you know and why you know it, and it will help set you apart from other people who may be competing for similar chances but who haven’t spent the time to develop their own personal brand.

2. Get more Opportunities

A solid personal brand will prompt a large number of chances, including:

  • Job Interviews
  • Entry level positions
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Advancements
  • Associations
  • More

A personal brand is the building obstructs that will lead to success for your future. It can assist you with arriving at any number of goals, both personal and professional, and it can also prompt many open doors for headway in your career.

3. Build Trust in your Audience

Many individuals, particularly those of the millennial age, don’t trust in bigger organizations that use traditional promoting.

That is the reason there’s such a major drive these days to “shop little”, and why influencer promoting is so fruitful.

People are much more liable to purchase from, and tune in to, somebody who looks, talks, and acts like them instead of a large corporation.

So if you develop your brand like a business, you still keep up an personal front, you’re ensured to move trust among your audience.

4. Someone Is Always Going to Be Searching You Online

Regardless of whether you’re applying for college, for an internship, or for your future profession, somebody will be Googling your name.

Some bosses will anticipate that you should have an online presence, though others simply need to guarantee you don’t have a poor reputation online.

But in any case, it’s smarter to control the outcomes that show up in the SERPs rather than surrendering them over to risk.

Building up a personal brand is an incredible way to show potential managers that you’ve worked hard to develop a positive reputation online.

How to start Building your personal brand?

One great spot to begin is by cleaning up your social media accounts. You can control what your reputation is online, thus you don’t need anything you to share on social media to negatively impact your presence.

Another constructive spot to start is making a personal site.

Utilize your site not exclusively to develop your brand, however to increase the value to your audience. This is your platform to represent your skills and experience, and furthermore to impart important guidance to your crowd.

Make a logo and topic for yourself, and keep it consistent throughout to all of your social media profiles.

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