What is Facebook pixel? How to create an Efficient Social Media Campaign?

October 8, 2019

What is Facebook pixel and how to an effecient social media campaign

Facebook pixel is a business tool offered by Facebook to monitor conversions on your website as a part of your Facebook ads, it target audiences, and provide insight into how users engage with your content.

What is Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of coding provided by Facebook that you implement on your website, it is for enabling you to analyse sales from Facebook ads, automate advertising, build target audiences, and also target people who may have already connected with your website.

Face Pixel works by dropping the cookie that will store visitors to your website, so that they can be reached afterward, which is also known as re-targeting.

When you advertise to re-target your website users, you can also use Facebook Pixel to monitor the activity of the returning user. That will help you to find the most successful ads, and allow you to reach the relevant audiences.

Why you need to setup a Facebook pixel?

Still not sure, where to go? Here are some of the reasons which let you thinking about installing Facebook Pixel.

  • Optimize ads for conversions
  • Facebook conversions tracking
  • Facebook re-targeting
  • Optimizing Facebook ads for values
  • Discovering lookalike audiences
  • Get more Facebook ad tools and metrics

How to create a Facebook Pixel?

You can develop and execute the Facebook Pixel from the ads manager.

  1. Go to the pixel section
  2. Click create a Pixel
  3. Type the name of your pixel
  4. Click “Install Pixel Now”
  5. Copy the Pixel code and paste it between the head tag of your website.
  6. If you want to record activity on the web-page than add “events” to the particular pages.

Note: There is only Facebook Pixel per account, you can use different pixels by adding events for related pages. Use the Pixel Helper, that tool will help you to verify your Facebook Pixel.

Add the Facebook Pixel to your Website

When your Pixel is created, than you just have to follow few more steps to install it on your website.

If you can’t manage the back-end of your website:

You want to send the installation instruction to the developer. Go to Pixel tab in you ads manager, select set up Pixel and then “email to developer”.

If you are managing your website’s back-end

You have to go to your website’s header file and place the code before </head> tag in your header file.

You can test the Facebook re-targeting Pixel, press send test traffic button and wait for a while. If you don’t get any response then make sure your pixel code is placed correctly.

If you are still facing the problem, feel free to contact with us here. We are ready to help you.

After you’ve completed the procedure, you Pixel will be ready to go. And if you can also power up the Pixel for much more features. If you don’t know how to do that, email us at hi@codeledge.com , we are ready to help.

We at Codeledge, offer quality Social Media Marketing Services to boost your brand to the next level. Our team of Social Media experts are always doing research and make the best marketing strategies for the business owners.


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