What Can Cause Declines in Website Ranking and Traffic?

March 3, 2021
What Can Cause Declines in Website Ranking and Traffic?

What Can Cause Declines in Website Ranking and Traffic?

When a page on a site begins to lose critical rankings or traffic, it’s commonly all hands on deck.

The initial step most SEO experts take is an analysis of why a page is seeing declines.

The issue is that there is literally huge number of reasons a page can see declines, and even the most experienced, smartest SEO master now and then experiences difficulty diagnosing exactly what’s going on.

This process can be even more disappointing when a few pages of a site are seeing decreases, while others are seeing increments.

Take a look at the Big Picture

It’s critical to understand the big picture of your SEO efforts, particularly when your site is in flux.

If your landing page is seeing declines, however your inside pages are seeing increments – this may not be serious if your general leads and traffic are consistently expanding.

Understand your site’s objectives and targets when it comes to SEO.

If you don’t have overall goals, you can get pulled down hare trails attempting to fix things that aren’t broken, which will hurt your site generally speaking over the long haul.

What Are the Losses?

Indeed, even you can’t distinguish the reason for a page’s decrease; you should have the option to see where the decline is coming from.

If you’ve been tracking rankings and have analytics set up, you should have the option to perceive what keywords are encountering ranking decreases.

If you can’t perceive any ranking decreases for your landing page, you need to take a gander at the sorts of traffic that are declining.

In some cases a page can have specialized issues that cause it to decrease in the SERPs.

This is particularly true when it comes to the mobile version of a site.

Also, searcher behavior can affect traffic to explicit pages.

If your page is focusing on keywords that are seeing a decrease in generally search volume, the traffic will be down.

Everything thing you can manage when search volume is down is work to create overall interest, which isn’t really done in the search engine result pages.

Check Your Links

For most sites, the landing page is the place where a large portion of the links from other sites is highlighted.

But sometimes, inner pages – especially pages of interest – can collect a larger number of links than the landing page.

In these cases, it isn’t uncommon for an inside page or blog post to outclass a landing page for some terms.

There is nothing wrong with inside pages outclassing a landing page.

Indeed, it very well may be very useful for some businesses.

The key is to ensure that the inside pages have a clear path to change for visitors that are initially exposed to your site through them.

Work to make your inside pages significant for new visitors, and make it simple for those visitors to convert.

Bottom Line

There are numerous reasons why an interior page may outclass a landing page.

But in the end, it may not matter.

If you are stressed over lost rankings, check your links, content, specialized SEO, and competition to see why they are ranking instead of you.

If you are simply seeing an audience behavior shift to interior pages – adjust and make your interior pages convert.

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