Updates to Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin Make it Easier to Earn Money

February 8, 2021
Updates to Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin Make it Easier to Earn Money

Updates to Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin Make it Easier to Earn Money

Google released updates for the Web Stories WordPress plugin, carrying it to version 1.3.0. The update upholds a form-based promoting option to make it simpler to monetize plus additional creative design options like animation and additional layouts.

Web Stories for WordPress Plugin

Web stories is a new content type for the web. The thought is to give “snackable” content, short length content, that content shoppers can read in short breaks.

Web stories is a format for people who want information in quick blasts.

Abuse of Web Stories

A few publishers have adopted the format as a traffic obtaining channel by prodding an article through web stories and forcing readers to click to the principle website to read the article.

But that isn’t the right use of the format and Google recently warned that it would not rank “teaser” web stories.

Google’s declaration attests that Web Stories should be considered as essential content, similar as articles or blog posts are viewed as essential content.

Monetization is Easier

Maybe the main update to the WordPress Web Stories plugin is a simpler incorporation with AdSense and the Beta Programmatic Demand via Ad Manager feature.

Google has enabled a form based strategy for adding promoting to web stories, no coding required.

AdSense is Google’s mechanized promotion selling service that associates advertisers to publishers and handle all of the backend of the auction and display process.

The programmatic demand feature for web stories is an alternate method to show advertising through the Ad Manager.

As per Google:

“The Web Story ad ecosystem is still emerging, but AdSense and even programmatic demand via Ad Manager is already supported. You can now enable these integrations for your stories in the plugin’s settings without any coding necessary.”

New Page Layouts Section and Animation

The web stories plugin now includes a page layouts section that will permit a publisher to easily blend and match different layout templates. This new design section makes it simpler add alluring design features without changing the whole web stories format.

Google added:

“To make designing and layouting stories more flexible, you can mix and match individual pages easily via the new Page Layouts section.”

Google additionally added more mind boggling animations that are built-in to layouts, which makes creating professional looking web stories with the press of a button.

More animation styles are on the way:

“In the subsequent months, we’ll follow up with combined effects like Ken Burns-style animations and a powerful timeline that allows you to control properties like easing, delays and more in more granular detail.”

The Ken Burns animation impact is when a camera pans across a picture, left to right (or right to left), giving an emotional and engaging experience to a generally static picture.

Border Style Designs

Google also added an approach to add curved borders to layouts.

Pre-Publish Checklist and Bug Fixes

Balancing the feature updates is a pre-publish checklist that makes publishers aware of improvements that will make a web story qualified for Google Discover just as availability issues.

Maybe in particular, Google has fixed bugs that meddled with other plugins. Interoperability is a nature of a plugin that makes it cooperate with other plugins.

Web Stories 1.3.0 Writes a New Chapter

These upgrades make it simpler for more publishers to begin getting more cash with the web stories design. It also makes it simpler for non-designer publishers to use the point and click format options to make engaging web stories.

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