Ultimate Business Website Redesign Guide for Startups

August 27, 2019

ultimate business website redesign guide for startups

The first impression of anything makes you or destroy you, because you never get second chance to change your first. The first impression of your website decides whether the visitor come back to your website or not? So, if your website design is not capable of making a good impression on your customers, redesigning your website should be in your consideration.

Keep one thing in your mind that you don’t need to change every element of graphics and branding design element. We are going to guide you why and which elements you need to redesign on your website.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to redesign your website:

Website isn’t Mobile Friendly

Now a day’s smart phone become a basic need of every person to interact with each other. Due to that internet usage on mobile has taken over the market and desktop is become old fashioned now. So, if your website is not working well on smart phones, you are losing your customers.

When people visit website on mobile, they have lot of expectations. They expect everything to be open on simple touch. They don’t want to download heavy files. They are seeking to get the information they want from you and see the videos regarding that. No one wait to go home and open your website on desktop, they want every information on their mobiles. So, for attracting users your website should be responsive and efficient.

Difficult to update your website

Fresh content and updated website are main elements in making your website successful. While you are redesigning your website you need a CMS which is easy to use to update your latest content. So you can run marketing campaigns on yourself without any tech support. Like WordPress CMS offers you the easy and user-friendly dashboard.

 Outdated Design

According to a research your website should be redesigned in at least 2-3 years. Other it will become outdated and old fashioned, if you haven’t updated you website in 2-3 years then go and refresh your design. A research show that you only get few seconds to obtain users attention. So your website should be latest having a clean layout with modern look and caters both mobile and desktop interfaces.

Not SEO Friendly

This is the most important reason to update/redesign your website. Search algorithms are changed. If your website ranking is going down, it’s signal that your website needs an update. This will bring an opportunity to rebuild your marketing strategy with quality content. So, make you are easily found on search engine against your services.

Performance Issues

Users are highly irritated by the poor performances of the website. Poor load time, broken functionalities always lead to lose visitors. User expect fast response and good and easy user experience on both mobile and desktop. Fixing is always a tough job to improve you website performance. So, it is better to redesign a new one.

Poor User Experience

Analytics is the back bone of your web design strategy. You should know who are visiting your website and where they are from and how long do they stay and why when they leave the site. By knowing these analytics, you should what you need to redesign in your website. You should offer a great user experience to users. Great user experience always brings back your visitors.

Use of an Outdated Technology

Technology you use is the utmost important. If your site still uses flash then it’s time to redesign because not even iPhone and iPad but Google also can’t read it, which makes the SEO nightmare. So you have to redesign your website on the latest technology by using latest plugins to make your website more efficient.


If you have any issues with the design or you have issues above mentioned, you have to redesign you website with latest technology. Website redesign is not an easy task, it take time, research and skills to design an efficient website with great design and greater experience.

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