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August 23, 2019


We believe that every engagement is unique for a business. If anyone to give long lasting impression to their customers then he has to give an excellent user experience to user. With smart user interface design, user experience matters the most.

If your website or application design is good but not easy to use or very complex for a user to understand than you are losing your audience. Providing good user-experience means, you are inviting your user to come back again to your website or app.

Here at CodeLedge, we offer smart user interface (UI) designs with great user experience (UX). We understand our client goals and what value he want to deliver to his users. We talk with our client and do research on their users approach and give the best designs according to the users.

We create detailed description of all users who will interact with the website/app and taking into account how your product is used. We use user-cantered approach to design.

We design wire-frames and define how your product should work by creating screen by screen blueprint. We use prototypes, so you can assess the look and feel of your app before investing in real development work.

We create the user interface based on prototypes approved by customers. At UI design stage we define the colors combinations, font styles and graphical elements. This stage ends with the final design for the development team.

Sound interesting? Try our UI/UX design services today. Email us at hi@codeledge.com or get a quote from here.

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