Twitter to Remove Accounts That Have Been Inactive for 6 Months

November 27, 2019

Twitter to remove accounts that have been inactive for 6 months

Twitter is apparently planning to remove inactive accounts with an end goal to free up usernames for others.

As reported by the BBC’s David Lee, the Twitter account purge will occur on December 11th and include records that have been inactive for over 6 months.

“Inactive” alludes to accounts that haven’t signed in for as far back as a half year – so a record that doesn’t connect with anything is as yet viewed as active as long as it has signed in.

“More on Twitter’s action on inactive accounts: The company is clawing back accounts that have been inactive for more than *six months*, which is likely a very large number. Inactive = user hasn’t *logged in*. Seeking clarification on what happens to useful/fun bot accounts.” – David Lee

Twitter is sending notification emails to the inactive account owners to notify them for the pending deletion, which gives the account owners an opportunity to save their account by logging in, if they wish to keep that account.

For now it is not clear that what will happen to the bot accounts that are never actually logged into by a human user. Apparently, they will avoid chopping block as long as long as they are publishing tweets.

For what it’s worth, an owner of a few bot accounts referenced that he hasn’t got email warnings about the account being erased.

So if there’s an inactive Twitter account out there that has a username you’re after, you might have the option to claim in on December 11. But make sure to act quickly.

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