Top 8 Online Logo Generator Tools

June 16, 2020

Top 8 Online Logo Generator Tools

A brand isn’t only a logo, nonetheless, a logo is one of the most important element of your brand’s visual identity. Today we will explore the best logo generators available online.

Let’s be honest, it is difficult to find the ideal logo for your brand. It is possible that you make something yourself (but you will require solid branding and design skills), or you’ll need to work with an expert designer or branding agency and pay a ton of cash for it.

If you have the cash to hire an expert designer with branding knowledge or a branding/design agency to help you with making the ideal logo for your brand, we highly recommend you to do so. Having branding and design specialists working for you will guarantee you get an incredible logo custom fitted to your brand personality and strategy.

But for some (particularly entrepreneurs with a lower marketing budget) this isn’t generally an option, so we’ve pulled together a list of online tools which you can use to automatically produce a logo for free. This list isn’t comprehensive but we trust it will give a thought of what’s available online.

1. Mark Maker

Mark Maker – Simple and easy to use, Mark Maker works as follows: you type in a word and the site utilizes an algorithm to create an endless succession of logos. When you like a logo, you can tap on a heart and this will advise the framework to create more logos like it. The goal is that Mark Maker can in the end create one that suits your requirements. You customize the logos and download them for free.

2. Tailor Brands

TailorBrands: This site will ask you a few questions about your brand and style preference and afterward create six logos for you to choose and customize. You can also always tap the back button to begin once again and get 6 new alternatives. You can pick between either a icon based, name based or initial based logo.

3. Withoomph

Withoomph – Similar to others in picking your industry and entering your organization name and there is a cost related with downloading your logo once you’re satisfied with your picked design (approx. £10).

4. Graphic Springs

GraphicSprings – Simply enter your business name, your business segment and it will show a range of logos for you. You would then be able to customize the colors, style, font etc as you go.

5. SquareSpace:

SquareSpace: Very like GraphicSpring, SquareSpace will create fundamental but modern logos. They have a strong icon database you can use to customize your logo. The site is clean and well designed, very easy to use.

6. Shopify

Shopify – Shopify offers diverse logo choices which are essential in style, hand drawn and all white with dark outline for the image.

7. Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo Generator: As expressed in the name, this site will assist you with producing a free vintage/hipster logo.

8. Logo Garden

Logo Garden: Aim to give “do it yourself” logos. Like others, you enter your organization name and sector and pick your icon.

Whatever you choose to do, with regards to your logo, ensure it’s what feels an ideal choice for your organization and it best represents what your organization is, does and represents.

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