Top 8 Facebook Ad Hacks to Reduce Cost & Increase Conversions

August 28, 2019

Top 8 Facebook ad hacks to reduce cost & increase conversions

According to research conducted in June 2019, there are 2.41 billion monthly active Facebook users. While 1.59 billion people log on to their Facebook account daily and considered as daily active users. Due to that Facebook is simply too big to ignore as an ongoing part of your digital marketing communication.

Facebook ads are becoming the easy and affordable source to market any business. But running Facebook ad is not too easy, you have to target the right audience, right area and right time-slots to target your related audience. To make your advertisements effective on this well-known social media platform, you have to know what advertisement you have to run and where you have to invest your time and money to get more results.

If you are looking for big results by using social media marketing, than it is the right article for you. Here are the top 8 hacks which can extremely reduce your cost and increase conversions.

1. Target the Right Audience

A strategy is the most important thing before you even think about your Facebook optimized ad. First thing that you do is knowing you right audience, you must know your right audience if you want to succeed. A thorough understanding of your right audience includes what they like, share or mostly respond to.

Exactly, know that you are in a bidding war and when you target you right audience and bid for you right audience, you simply cut the competition by bidding on who are looking for. So, before you begin optimizing Facebook ads, check you ad report that you are targeting the right audience.

2. Set Ad Frequency

Facebook experts do not give any claim about the frequency of showing the same ad to a single user. But also keep this fact in mind that people should turn off the add or label it as spam after seeing one add so many times. Before you begin optimizing your Facebook ad do some research and try to estimate how frequently people will notice your ad when it’s shown to them.

Simple way of doing this is by rating you ad’s visual. You should show each ad in your Facebook feed a minimum of 3 time and maximum of 10 times. So sidebar, you could jump to minimum of 10 times and maximum of 40 times.

3. Optimize Time Slots

Time frames matters the most in Facebook ads. If you ever noticed, there are some days and time frames when you post get more likes and responses as compared to other days; that’s what you need when you are setting up your ad campaigns. Not every campaign run successful 24/7.

So, analyse which days and time your campaign should be affective. You can go to the Facebook ads manager reports and use breakdown menu to break your campaigns by day.

4. Keep you Ad-Copy catchy and concise

People now a days are too busy to read a long written copy. They always prefer to give read to short and snappy copies. Nobody got time to read an ad that looks like an entire novel. So, keep your brain all active and give your best shot and prepare a catchy and concise copy of two lines or may be one. And also copy need to cover all your points and click through ad link (CTA) in it.

5. Facebook Messenger Ads are the new Cool

Facebook messenger ads are comparatively cheap if set up rightly and effectively. They show up on the home screen of the messenger. Placement of ad plays an important role. The biggest benefit of placing the ad on messenger is that you directly send traffic to your website or initiate conversation directly. The main benefit is all these conversation are handled by bots which direct users to the best offers.

6. Redeem Bail-out checkout through Videos

People for some reasons leave checkouts for unknown reasons. So, re-targeting them with videos can bring them back. So, make a video of what you get as a customer and what value and benefits they may get in return. This video hits directly to help them see that what they are going to get. This is a perfect way to get them to rethink and ideally, become a valuable customer.

7. Placement plays Important Role

If your ads are placed rightly they can bring a great increase in the conversions and reduction in cost. Among all social media when it comes on social media ads, Facebook is the boss. Not all ads are shown on mobile and not all ads will be available for desktop. Research your target audience and place your ads accordingly.

Once you become sure about your ad placement you can invest your money on it. And remove all other campaigns from your campaign set which are not performing well.

8. A/B testing is must

Although A/B testing offered by Facebook is not best to rely on and it is difficult to use and not hundred percent accurate but it’s good to run an A/B test with the ad you have. It’s better to be on safe side and have something rather than nothing. A/B testing gives you the idea what you work on and what not.


A Facebook should be effective when you are targeting the right audience and on right time and place. Still worried about that much research and process?

Nothing to worry about, we at CodeLedge covers you all with Facebook ads campaigns. Our social media experts take care of everything that needs to run your Facebook marketing campaigns. Email us today at or get a quote from here.

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