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September 25, 2019

Top 6 Tools to Generate Great SEO Content Ideas

Always coming up with the new content is challenging for a content writer sometime. As great content ideas are going to move the needle of your website.

There are many content ideas tools available to support you, who will not only help you to address this challenge but also ensure your topic ideas are backed by data.

Here are the 12 awesome tools for content ideas to lead you to the success.

1. SEMrush

There are many ways to get content ideas using SEMrush. You can plug in a topic area or domain to generate related information and related ideas.

By analyzing the most popular topics that are earning the most links and related questions about the topics. After that you will be able to craft a post that truly increase your target audience.

Use filters to sort by:

  • Volume (for the most famous searches)
  • Difficulty (for fast-win opportunities)
  • Efficiency (for both volume and difficulty)

Also, you can save ideas to “Favorite ideas” to go back to them later.

2. FAQ Fox

This content ideas tool shows the questions people are asking related to your keyword. You can pick specific sites to scrap, or pick from suggested categories of sites to search from.

This tool is very useful for a few main reasons. It helps you figure out:

  • How users are typing questions and language they are using
  • Questions that users are not finding the answers
  • Answer the question with the supporting information that can be helpful to attract users.

3. Quora

Quora is a great community to determine what type of information people are looking for around a specific subject.

This tool allow you search by topic and displays the most popular questions around the topic. Question being asked on Quora can lead to really great content ideas.

4. Google Search Console

Consider the queries that are already driving people to your website.

Look at the top queries, impressions, clicks and click through rate (CTR) in Google search console to identify the terms that are performing well.

Queries with low click-through rates are pointing that you need new and better content on this topic, and existing content is lacking something.

For example, if there is some query who driving thousands of impressions to your site every month but the CTR is less 10%, than there is a lot to do with that query.

Start with these keywords, and you will likely see some quick wins.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword planner by Google is very much important to discover new phrases that are being searched for, which can be used to generate new content ideas.

I would highly recommend to run you own domain and competitors domain search, it will help you uncover the gaps between you and your competitors.

Remember, don’t ignore low volume keywords with little or zero search volume. Low volume keywords can leads you to high traffic wins.

6. Google Search Results

When you are evaluating the keyword opportunities that you have determined. Go directly on Google and see what is currently ranking against your keywords in search result.

Ask yourself:

  • What kind of keywords are ranking?
  • What sites are ranking the top search results?
  • Are there any common things in you titles and headings?
  • What is there content and how they type and present the article?
  • What are page tagging element?
  • How long are the content?
  • What subtopics they cover in their articles?

This type of analysis will help you to get more ideas for the content and helps to make quality and worth of the Google rankings.


In this overflowing online marketing landscape, the most important thing for content marketers are to focus on quality not quantity. This mean identifying the right topics.


By using the content ideas tools you can generate awesome content ideas which will boost your Google SEO rankings.

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