Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing

July 19, 2018

There was a time when online marketing was not considered as a tool to market your services or products but over the past few years there’s been a drastic growth in online business  through digital marketing and it has literally become something worth our time and money.

Now it’s not enough to run an unfocused AdWords campaign for your business. With the arrival of modern internet technologies, Digital marketing has become a pillar to marketing these days.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider Digital Marketing for your business.


1. Approach where People spend their Time & Money

According to a survey in 2018, an average internet user has at least seven social media accounts. Now customer care is dealt through the social media including Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

This is some interesting fact, that social media is now involved in almost everything from college to work, entertainment, shopping and almost every single thing. It has become a place where almost every user is available. One of the very reasons to stay on social media is to explore products and shop for those products.


Digital Marketing - social media report

social media report


48% people of social media say that their last online purchase was a result of a Facebook ad.


2. Broad playground for Small Businesses

Just like Walmart came to towns and wiped out tons of small businesses locally, similarly, small businesses are trying to become equivalent to Amazon using these online marketing techniques.

Same building blocks for every business available, now it’s up to those how do they use it. Digital marketing is helping small businesses to hold a Top Rank through AdWords campaigns.


3. Easy Scaling and Adaptation

For any business, marketing requires investments to get the traffic you need for your website. But that’s the beauty of digital marketing that small businesses can scale and adapt as their business expands.

As an example, Facebook Ad campaign display and search ads and you can select your daily budget. This will help you to get to know the exact budget your campaign will cost.


Digital Marketing - facebook ads

facebook ads


You’ll see astonishing results as you don’t have to go and negotiate with some person to keep your ad running. As you continue to get the traffic you’re expecting for your website you can increase the daily expenditure and get revenue from that.

You can get instant results, that’s the beauty of social media marketing. Data analyzing will help you to orient your efforts in a right way.


4. Optimum Return on Investment (ROI)

It was predicted that email marketing will die its death in coming time in the marketing world but despite that, it is delivery a handsome ROI to marketers. Recently, Demand Metric and Data & Marketing Association conducted a survey and it was concluded that email marketing has quite notable ROI i.e. 122%.

Email Marketing is like a conversion machine, you just have to configure your mailer list with some quality email content and BAM! you’ll be getting the results you have always expected for your business.

Similarly, Content Marketing is one of the main techniques that produces 3 times of the traditional marketing. Here, lead refers to the actual customer who is willing to buy your services rather than some visitor who just visits your website.


5. Mobile Technology and Digital Marketing

IBM says that mobile transactions are growing by lightning speed of 35% over a year. People read reviews of different products before purchasing using their smartphones.

Sometimes, a selfie booth can make your brand viral by a simple promotional campaign. They can even try your products on the spot. By such means, you can gather customers data and promote your products to those.

You can send them an alert about the sales or any services that they might have shown interest in.



Digital Marketing is very important to rise your business up in this hungry market of competitors.  Are you still feeling confused ? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Drop all your queries here and don’t forget to comment at the bottom. Thanks!

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