Top 5 Facebook Ad Hacks to Reduce Costs and Increase Conversions

May 15, 2020


Facebook is without a doubt an influential platform for marketers for endless reasons, including potent targeting options and sensible expenses.

Done appropriately, a Facebook ad campaign can altogether improve your conversion rate, the quantity of site users and your overall performance. But to make your ads successful on this well known social media platform and realize what ads to run and where can take some time and cash. So, if you are searching for better approaches to bring the best outcomes, you should do appropriate research. Any of your Facebook promotion costs rely upon various elements, including your audience, industry, goal, and improvement settings.

Here are the best 5 hacks which can definitely reduce expenses and increase conversions.

1. Start off with the correct audience

A strategy is an unquestionable requirement even before you consider your Facebook optimized ads. To succeed, you should know your correct audience. A thorough understanding of your targeted audience include what they like, share or generally react to.

When you narrow down and focus on targeting on the correct audience, you can enormously cut competition from different brands running promotions to same crowds. You should absolutely realize that you are in a bidding war with different brands and you simply need to bid on who you truly need to reach. Thus, before you start streamlining Facebook promotions, review your advertisement reports to check whether you focus on the relevant audience.

2. Ad frequency also counts

Facebook specialists don’t give a particular claims or practices about the frequency of showing a similar advertisement to a single user. But we should also consider the fact that users should not turn off your promotion or name it as spam after they get irritated by seeing it too often. Do a little research and try to estimate how frequently individuals will notice your advertisement when it’s appeared to them. A basic method of doing this is by rating the ad’s visuals. You should show every advertisement at least 3 and a maximum of 10 times in Facebook’s news-feed. For the sidebar, you could jump to at least 10 and a maximum of 40 ads.

3. Optimized time slots

Time allotments matter the most in Facebook promotions. If you ever noticed, there are a few days and time spans when your posts get more likes and those days outperform as compared to the rest of the days; that is when you have to set up your ad campaigns. No campaign runs effectively every day 24/7. So, break down which days perform better as far as conversions at the most minimal CPA. You can go to your Facebook Ads Manager reports and utilize the Breakdown menu to separate your campaigns by day.

4. Keep your ad copy appealing and compact

People these days are too caught up to offer time to a long-written copy. In a rush, they just will in general skim the long content. So, the precarious piece of this is making a convincing advertisement inside this short copy. Keep your mind open and compose a two-line (or perhaps one) copy that summarizes all the particular points and furthermore a CTA. So, do as well as you possibly can and set up an infectious and succinct advertisement copy while holding all the components of a ‘decent’ ad.

5. A/B Testing is a must

Although A/B testing offered by Facebook isn’t the best thing to depend on as it is hard to utilize and not so much exact, it is still acceptable to run an A/B test with the advertisements you have. It is in every case better to be on a safe side with probably a few information instead of none. With Facebook A/B testing options, you’ll get a smart thought on what’s working and what’s not.

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