Top 3 Advantages of Affiliate Link Building in Sweden

October 11, 2019

3 Advantages of Affiliate Link Building

Affiliate link building is like sales for commission in this fastest growing business world.

The concept of Affiliate Link building is simple: with an affiliate marketing program, brands select leading influencers to promote a product or service through a unique affiliate link.

It provides opportunity for businesses to earn additional sales through user-generated content. Profits are shared with influencers based on number of affiliate links clicked or purchase made.

3 Main Reasons of using Affiliate Link Building

Affiliate Marketing is an effective way to gain the attention of the user, drive traffic, boost conversions and increase sales.

Have a look the three main benefits of using Affiliate link building strategies for your business.

1. Easy Tracking

Easy tracking is an Affiliate marketing tracking software that monitors the affiliate program and track links. When your company joins an affiliate network, the easy tracking Network’s program tracks the numbers for you.

It is an efficient tool which makes you able to the effectiveness of each campaign. It is an essential part of an effective affiliate marketing strategy.

There are some affiliate marketing programs which provide detailed reports based on different marketing tools used, such as text links or banners.

2. Targeted Ads

If your business is running an in-house affiliate program, you are free to accept influencers to join your program based on their reaches and relevance.

But if you are you are running a business partnered with the influencer through an affiliate link, there are steps in place to ensure that the influencer is writing the right content to reach your target audience.

When an influencer creates new content using their affiliate link, their campaign (your advertisement) has the higher potential to reach your target audience through channels like social media and through influencer’s website.

3. Cost-Effective

Affiliate link building has the potential to boost conversions and increase sales with minimum effort and budget.

While setting your brand’s marketing budget, keep these three costs for affiliate marketing in mind:


Will you be running an in-house affiliate marketing program or joining an affiliate marketing network?

If you are running an in-house program that may be more expensive and take more time initially, but it will be lower cost in the long run.

It gives your business full control over every aspect of your affiliate program and enables you to communicate directly with influencers.

If you are joining an affiliate network, it is much cheaper in the beginning, but might not be as cost effective in the long run. Network itself does take the fee.

This means a lot of work in done for you initially, including selecting influencers, tracking, reports and even issuing payments.


Whatever program you choose to run, your affiliate program will require creatives.

Creatives are graphics and images for banners, copy of text links, videos and flash content, and any other tools used by influencers to promote your service or product.

Program Management & Compensation

Your business need an affiliate marketing manager to:

  • Create and monitor rules and policies
  • Recruit and on board influencers
  • Communicate with affiliates
  • Update and optimize the affiliate program regularly
  • And more

And all you need to compensate with your influencers.

Profits are share with influencer on the rate that you choose, based on number clicks and purchase made.

Also keep that in mind if your rate is too low, many influencers will leave you.

If you still have any doubts and queries relate to affiliate link building, feel free to ask here.

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