Top 10 Business Apps for Small Business Owners in Sweden

October 2, 2019

Top 10 business apps for small business owners

Mobile Applications are building the new landscape of the business. They are becoming more frequent and more powerful, and most importantly, they can support your business and make the flow of your business more smooth.

As a small business owner, the more task you can automate, stream line you procedures and stay organized, more effective your business will become.

Nothing to worry, there are lot of applications in the market to assist.

What is Investment App?

In this digital era, investment applications help introduce stock market trading and financial planning. They merely provide a platform for independently investing your money, without the need of stock broker or financial adviser.

Top 10 Business investment Apps of 2019

Here is the list of top 10 digital investment apps for small business owners.

1. Evernote

Evernote is a cloud-based notebook, used for digitally organize all your notes, views, to-do lists, memos, and also receipts, bills, and invoices across all your devices. Evernote is very helpful for the small businesses to organize and share personal agendas with peers. It is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

2. Stash

Stash mobile investment app offer investors a digital landing spot in search of the best possible financial marketing tools. It is very useful in the investment world especially for the beginners, 84% of customers being mentioned for the first time. It is very easy to use and have tips and information to make learning much easier.

3. Hootsuite

Doesn’t matter, if you are a social media experts or a newbie, Hootsuite is an important marketing weapon to keep in your weaponry. It is an automatic and very easy way to manage your social media content, or you can say you can generate leads in your sleep. It has a dashboard from where you can schedule posts all across your social media platforms. Access content stored in the clouds and you can also generate reports or see the analytics at any time.

4. Square

This is a payment app which is very helpful for the companies like food industry, beauty salons and retail stores. Square app users get a small portable card reader that attaches quickly and make easy payment to phone or other mobile devices. It also provide a point-of-sale system for companies with a brick-and-mortar store called the square register.

5. Proven

Proven app is developed to make small companies duties less easy: hiring. This app is very helpful in work listing, sort candidates, and save and search resumes. It is a great gift for the businesses like restaurants, retailers and entrepreneurs due to their hiring needs. They can save much time with the help of that app.

6. DropBox

Drop box is an app that you may already have using it for file sharing, but it can also make your office run smoother. Many big companies are using this app for sharing files. Business DropBox app, gives you unlimited cloud storage, easy to use interface, ability to share files with the external users and lot more.

7. Skype

You might have already using Skype to get in touch with you loved one who are far away from the home, but this video conferencing app is very important for business, if you and your team remotely work from each other.

It is an awesome app, you can use Skype to video or voice call anyone in the world. You can share screens of the laptops, make video or voice conference call with 25 people at a time, you can share files, images, text messages and voice messages.

8. Robinhood

Robinhood is a top investment app designed to deal exchange-traded funds, stocks, and even Bitcoin. This a free app, helps you to track your stocks as well as those on your watch list. In this app, you can set challenges and begin completing those challenges to earn points, educate yourself and become a great investor.

9. Podium

Podium is a very important and useful marketing tool that can assist you in getting and collecting online reviews and testimonials through text messaging. After all, the more people talk about your business, the more customers you get. It is an easy Google review collection tool, gives access to leave reviews via text messaging.

10. Asana

In order to improve your business communication and collaboration, Asana is the best choice. The web and mobile app allows you to view all tasks and projects and you can follow the progress and status of different projects on Asana board. You can also share files, notes and interact without depending on the emails. It also integrates files with Google Drive and Dropbox and slack for communication to post updates to slack messaging channel.

Sum Up

There are many apps which become helpful and save your time and provide you the best way to manage things for your businesses.

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