The Top 3 Schema Plugins for WordPress

May 22, 2020


The extraordinary news is in case you’re using WordPress, you don’t need to touch a single line of code.

Just pick a schema plugin, and making rich snippets will be simple. Here are the top three marketers love.

1. Schema Pro

Schema Pro makes adding rich snippets to your site quick and simple.

Very quickly, you can add your required configuration to each of your pages and posts.

Schema Pro backings 13 valuable Schema types. These are:

  • Reviews (music, motion pictures, items, books, etc.).
  • Recipes (you can make your own appealing schema rich card that will support your active visitor clicking percentage).
  • Software applications (add reviews and star ratings to give your applications a lift).
  • Video objects.
  • Products (give searchers nitty gritty data on what you’re selling).
  • Local Businesses.
  • Articles (news, web journals, and so on.).
  • Blog postings.

Cost: $79/month or $249/lifetime

2. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

All in One Schema Rich Snippets is one of the easiest plugins you can discover for schema markup.

Although it’s simple, it gives you snippets for reviews, ratings, events, articles, and software applications.

One extraordinary thing about this WordPress plugin is you can utilize it for free.

It doesn’t have a huge amount of extravagant designs to choose from, however it has the basic you require for rich snippets on your site.

The drawback of utilizing this plugin is it doesn’t support automation.

You’ll need to add schema markup to each page of your site manually.

What’s fascinating about All in One Schema Rich Snippets is it’s made by the same maker as Schema Pro.

Truth be told, its dashboard vigorously promotes Schema Pro.

So how to pick between the two?

Use Schema Pro in case you’re maintaining a greater online business.

The cost will be justified, despite all the trouble for the automation, unique designs, and schema markup support for local businesses.

In case you’re simply beginning and need to take a stab at something for nothing?

Go with All in One Schema Rich Snippets.

Value: Free

3. Schema and Structured Data for WP & AMP

Schema and Structured Data for WP & AMP supports 33 schema types.

Three different ones include:

  1. How to (list the steps in your how-to article to be included in your rich snippets)
  2. Questions and answers (if your article is in a question and answer format, you can include the most important questions and answers in your rich snippets)
  3. Audi Object (include insights regarding sound you upload like date of upload, length, etc. to your rich snippets)

The best part? If the schema type you’re searching for isn’t a piece of the 33 this module offers, you can demand a customized type!

Here are different features this WordPress plugin offers:

  • Reviews pulled from more than 75 websites.
  • Your own customized review rating boxes with schema markup.
  • Compatibility with other schema plugins like SEO Pressor and WP SEO Schema.

Price: Personal: $99, Webmaster: $149, Freelancer: $299, Agency: $499

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