Graphic Design is our craft.

Our graphic design team is highly skilled to meet our clients’ design requirements and bring up the best possible design.

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Graphic design services in Sweden

Starting a design system can feel daunting. Big problems are always more manageable when broken into smaller pieces. Before diving into the design services, we start by considering who needs to be involved in the creation of your design system and how the team will work together.

At CodeLedge, we have a bunch of designing freaks who turn your idea into a unique and creative design. Whether you are looking for designing a logo or any graphics design for social media we will get you covered. We design all kinds of stuff including business cards, company profiles, social media posts, and much more. Stay silent, let your design make the noise. We are ready to make you stand in the market with our creative designs. Are you?

Graphic Design Services in Sweden

We at CodeLedge, want to pair your vision with our creativity and empower you to stand out and look great doing it.

Brochure Design

Brochure Design

In marketing, there is an art to the leave-behind. Sometimes a business card, occasionally a flyer, most often a brochure. Packed full of information but presented in a way that isn’t overwhelming, the entire purpose of a brochure is to pique interest and grow traffic, whether foot, online or phone.
T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design

What you wear reflects your personality? T-shirt fashion never goes out of season. Our creative designers design awesome t-shirts with trending and creative designs which build your personality. We at CodeLedge, design t-shirts for brands and trends. We design. You wear. Let the world follow your trend.
Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Keeping a few business cards on-hand still has benefits in this digital world. It’s an introduction and a lasting impression, so make it stand out! We can handle such designs at no cost when paired with other services and we’ll print and ship at competitive, fair pricing. Browse our designs!
Print Design

Print Design

Print design, like brochures, are a great way to communicate with your customers while giving them something physical to hold. When a customer keeps your print or brochure, it must communicate your brand without you.
Products Design

Products Design

Your products design plays a key role in creating brand consistency for your business. When handing out your business card at an exhibition, it is important that they work to improve your brand messages.
Logo Design

Logo Design

Your logo design is the unique brand that will be seen and recognized as your company. Just like the Nike tick, your logo design should be the simple, unique and well-designed brand that can be used to identify your business.

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Logo Design Services

Custom Logo Design Services in Sweden

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