Scope of eCommerce in Sweden | Swedish eCommerce

October 4, 2019

Scope of eCommerce store in Sweden

Why choose eCommerce in Sweden?

Are you looking for the best location for starting online eCommerce business? Why not choose Sweden for eCommerce business. Why Sweden? Read this article for the answer.

Sweden is the 3rd largest country in the European Union by area. The Swedish people take the stand and rejected the introduction of this coin in a 2003 referendum.

Sweden has the eight-highest per capita income in the world and the country always in the top of the list about happiness, human development and democracy.

eCommerce services in Sweden is spread worldwide, thanks to the mail order tradition and strong retail brands.

Here are some stats to make you understand:

eCommerce Events in Sweden

Every year there are several eCommerce events are being organized in Sweden. Events are well organized in Sweden every year with successful results. Here are the list of all the major online retail events in Sweden. Check out the upcoming eCommerce events in Sweden.

eCommerce Customers in Sweden

78% percent of internet users shopped online in Sweden in 2015. A newer study shows that it’s expected that over 84 percent of online Swedish users will shop online in 2019.

Although eCommerce is widely spread all over the Sweden, the most active eCommerce customers can be found in inland municipalities in the North of Sweden.

53% of the eCommerce customers use their card for making the online payments in 2018. This method is followed by bank transfer (22 percent), e-invoice (15percent), e-wallet (9 percent) and cash on delivery (1 percent only).

eCommerce Market in Sweden

Swedish online buyers spent about 14.94 billion euros on products purchased online in 2018. In 2019, an increase of almost 13% is forecasted, which would mean eCommerce in Sweden will be worth more than 16.86 billion euros this year.

Most popular product categories in Swedish eCommerce are clothing and footwear with 39% of online sales, followed by beauty and health with 32% of online sales, books media are 27% and home electronics are 23 percent.

Popular Online Stores in Sweden

Some of the most popular and biggest online stores in Sweden are


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