Pinterest Launches a New Tool For Discovering Top US Search Terms

December 17, 2019

Pinterest Introduces Tool For Discovering Top US Search Terms

Pinterest is launching another tool to assist advertisers stay aware of the top US search terms on the platform.

Right now in beta, Pinterest Trends gives a review of the most famous inquiry terms from the previous one year.

The tool will also feature when specific search terms have hit their top, along with other insights to assist marketers with arranging their content and promoting strategies.

“Pinterest Trends will help brands get deeper insights into planning behaviors on the platform, and allow them to allocate budgets to campaigns during various planning stages. It will also validate assumptions about emerging trends, refine search queries with the aid of auto-complete suggestions, and help advertisers find a list of keywords to include or avoid while planning media campaigns.”

The company noticed that the Pinterest calculation has been fueled for a considerable length of time by the inclinations and premiums that are currently accessible for marketers to learn from in Pinterest Trends.

Pinterest Trends is turning out over the coming weeks on desktop in the US. The company features how the brand Albertsons utilized these insights to figure out how clients are collaborating with content related to holiday food and beverages.

“Brands like Albertsons… developed a campaign aimed at driving in-store sales for their private label brands including pumpkin alcohol drinks (+154%), Friendsgiving party ideas (+475%), holiday grazing tables (+500%) and Christmas desserts (+229%).”

In related news, Pinterest has also released the Pinterest 100, which is a yearly report on the top developing trends that marketers should know about going into 2020. See the Pinterest 100 here.

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