Pinterest Launched Three New Features for Boards

December 15, 2020
Pinterest Launched Three New Features for Boards

Pinterest Launched Three New Features for Boards

Pinterest is launching three new features for boards that allow users to utilize their time on the platform.

Pinterest boards are seeing a surge in use as of late, as the organization reports a 35% year-over-year increment in the quantity of boards created monthly.

There’s a specific increase in new board creations in the following categories:

  • Home improvement
  • At-home exercises
  • Baby products
  • Basic products
  • Gifts

The above categories have also observed floods in searches and saved pins. Moreover, Pinterest highlights huge growth in the quantities of boards made for these products:

  • 36% expansion in home decor
  • 44% expansion in beauty
  • 95% expansion in ladies’ fashion
  • 83% expansion in everyday essential products
  • 70% expansion in family Christmas gifts

Given the rise in new board creations, and the categories they’re being made for, Pinterest is releasing new features designed around assisting users get more out of their boards.

Pinterest is upgrading boards with the following new features:

  • Notes to self directly on pins.
  • Ability to feature explicit pins in a board.
  • A toolbar with speedy access to board functions.

Here’s additional about each of the features launched by Pinterest this week.

New Features For Pinterest Boards

Notes to Self

Inside the saved pins screen there’s a new section where users can add private notes to themselves. This makes it simpler for them to return to the pin and recall why they saved it in any case.

This could end up being helpful on events where individuals save product pins to purchase as gifts, yet later can’t remember who each gift is for. Obviously, that is not the type of data the user would need to post openly, so a private note would be an incredible solution.

That is the very first thought that came to mind since we’re in the gift giving season. Surely users will discover different uses for notes-to-self once the feature is out for some time.

New Board Toolbar

Pinterest is making boards simpler to explore with another toolbar at the top of the screen indicating all moves that can be made on a board.

The toolbar gives users fast access to actions, for example,

  • Arranging pins
  • Exploring new ideas related to pins
  • Review notes
  • TO-do lists
  • and more

Board Favorites

Pinterest is trying an element that permits users to mark top pins as a top pick by tapping a star symbol on the pins in their board. Then users can rapidly discover them again by sorting boards by favorite pins.

More Information On Emerging Trends

Pinterest offers more information on each of the arising trends touched on at the beginning of this article.

  • Babies: There’s been a historical flood in boards made for the baby products in the previous six months. The number Pinterest boards with titles containing “baby products” have become 78x.
  • Home Improvement: Newly made boards for home improvement ventures are up, including “homeschool room design” (11x), “furniture ventures” (+68%), and “little home gyms” (+48%).
  • At-home exercises: Newly made wellness and health boards are, with titles, for example, “exercise recordings” (6x), “Gym exercise for beginners” (7x), and “grounding works out” (5x).

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