Most Commons Reasons Why Apps Fail and How to Avoid them

February 3, 2020


You just have only few seconds to win the customers attention and make a good first impression. In these few second customers decides whether to install your app or not. Because at the same time, you are competing with the overwhelming number of applications to gain the user attention.

To be competitive in the app market is not as easy as it seems. If you want to be successful with your app, you should be substantial with your pre and post app launch activities.

As the competition is too high and it become harder and harder to stands out from the competition. It is not just about launching the app efficiently but also to follow research and find out the reasons that cause the failure of the apps.

In this article, we will discuss the most common reasons why mobile app development fail and analyze the improvements so you can refine your mobile app development strategy effectively.

Lets have a look at the reasons why mobile app development fails.

Audience and Market Research is not Done Correctly

You will be surprised to know that 42% of the new apps are struggling due to the absence of market needs. Sometime a great idea in thoughts really doesn’t work practically.

There should be a proper research before the launch of any project. Does the application you launching is providing the business opportunities? Are your app is problem solving? Who are your competitors? Do people are ready to see your app? What is unique in your app? Does your app is easy and user friendly?

You need to be able to identify that your audience would love your app, and it’s not going to be a waste of time. To find out whether your app is problem solving or not, you have to do a strong market research and also check your competitors what they are offering.

Your application must be better than your customer’s expectations and exhibit that it is extremely superior to your competitors.

Following the Already Existing Ideas

Another factor is that the app store is already over-whelmed with apps similar with each other. The most successful apps available today have unique features in it.

If you want to handle the similar type of situation, as a brand, you need to perform a competitive analysis that will help you figure out the app’s strength and weakness and also help you to define your own competitive edge.

Launching an app that has the same characteristics as your competitor can never help you to win customers. A Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is the first and basic step you need to consider for you business success overall.

Providing a Bad User-Experience

For a successful mobile app the basic thing is that it has a successful Mobile app user interface (UI), for an effective UI, important thing is its usability. Your user interface should be easy, simple and unique so the users can easily understand it.

The most effective way to impress user with an experiential app is to keep the loading time minimum, have a simple method of registration process, and to take care of all the performance issues of the mobile app before its release.

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