LinkedIn Users can soon be able to Add Polls to Posts

April 22, 2020

LinkedIn Users can soon be able to Add Polls to Posts

LinkedIn is working on a feature that will allow users to effectively add polls to any post.

The feature was revealed by Jane Manchun Wong, a specialist at finding unreleased features by reverse engineering applications.

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As indicated by the screenshot shared by Wong, LinkedIn polls will work similarly as Twitter polls.

Users can make a basic poll with one question and up to four reactions.

One significant differnce to note is that LinkedIn polls can last upto fourteen days, while the maximum period of time for Twitter polls is seven days.

Facebook and Instagram, just allow polls to be made or shared in stories that keep going for 24 hours.

LinkedIn has not officially reported anything with regarding to this feature or when it will be released.

But, the company has quitely published a few assistance documents about how to use surveys when the feature is eventually launched.

Those help documents fill in as an official confirmation that LinkedIn surveys in posts is a component that exists and will eventually be turning out to clients.

An Overview of LinkedIn Polls

The LinkedIn Polls feature is being graduay turned out to clients, and will be broadly available “soon.”

It’s a local feature, which means polls can be added to posts without the requirement for an outsider application.

Beforehand, making a poll on LinkedIn required the utilization of an application like Google Forms or Survey Monkey.

When the local LinkedIn Polls feature turns out, clients can make a poll from the post composer screen.

As the organization states in one of a few help documents about surveys – they can be utilized to gather marketing results about trends and opinions, or just to begin a discussion.

There are a few limitations to polls, as LinkedIn notes they can’t be utilized to request political sentiments, health status, or other delicate information.

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