LinkedIn Revels the Top 6 In-Demand Jobs in 2021

January 19, 2021
LinkedIn Revels the Top 15 In-Demand Jobs in 2021

LinkedIn Revels the Top 15 In-Demand Jobs in 2021

LinkedIn information delights the best 6 in-demand jobs in 2021 and the main skills required for each position.

A new report highlights the quickest growing job areas over the previous year, which is positioned dependent on a mix of demand and number of job available.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, LinkedIn is moving the focus of its annual emerging jobs report to emphasize where the chance is right now.

Past versions of this report have focused on job trends in the course of recent years, but the universe of work has changed quickly in the course of recent months.

Before you look down to take a gander at the full list – indeed, digital marketing is among the quickest growing jobs! As is digital content creation and UX design.

Top 15 Jobs on the Rise

LinkedIn prefaces its list by disclosing how it came to recognize the following 6 in-demand jobs:

“To identify these “Jobs on the Rise,” we looked at the roles experiencing the highest year-over-year growth between April and October 2020. We then grouped that data into 15 job areas for you to investigate, which each capture a range of specific but related job titles.”

Here are the best 6 in-demand jobs in 2021 along with the education levels and skills needed to land them.

1. Frontline Ecommerce Worker

Employing for these jobs grew 73% year-over-year. More than 400,000 positions are available right now.

  • Top Job Titles: Driver, Supply Chain Associate, Package Handler, Personal Shopper
  • Skills: Time Management, Customer Service, Leadership
  • Education: 75% of recruits have a bachelor’s degree or higher

2. Loan and Mortgage Experts

Recruiting for these positions in 2020 expanded almost 59% from 2019.

  • Top job titles: Underwriter, Mortgage Loan Officer, Escrow Officer, Loan Closer
  • Skills: Risk Management, Customer Service, Credit Analysis
  • Education: 86% of recruits have a bachelor’s degree or higher

3. Health Care Supporting Staff

Since 2019, recruiting for these positions has expanded over 34%.

  • Top job titles: Health Care Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Dental Assistant, Home Health Aide
  • Skills: Patient Education, Data Entry, Physician Relations
  • Education: 83% of recruits have a bachelor’s degree or higher

4. Business Development and Sales Professionals

Employing for these jobs grew over 45% between 2020 and 2019.

  • Top job titles: Sales Consultant, Sales Operations Assistant, Inbound Sales Specialist, Strategic Advisor
  • Skills: Customer Retention, Sales Process, Team Building
  • Education: 92% of recruits have a bachelor’s degree or higher

5. Specialists in Workplace Diversity

Employing for these jobs expanded over 90% since 2019.

  • Top job titles: Diversity Manager, Diversity Officer, Head of Diversity, Diversity Coordinator
  • Jobs: Community Outreach, Teaching, Organizational Development
  • Education: 99% of recruits have a bachelor’s degree or higher

6. Digital Marketing Professionals

Employing for digital marketing jobs grew almost 33% year-over-year.

  • Top job titles: Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Marketing Representative, Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Skills: Product Marketing, Digital Strategy, Brand Management
  • Education: 94% of recruits have a bachelor’s degree or higher

Know more about total of 15 in-demand jobs on LinkedIn in 2021

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