LinkedIn is launching new features for Pages

February 26, 2021
LinkedIn is launching new features for Pages

LinkedIn is launching new features for Pages

LinkedIn Pages are getting new features designed to help businesses generate more leads, keep employees engaged, and access more information.

New LinkedIn Pages updates include:

  • Lead Gen Forms in Product Pages
  • Ways to divide content between collaborators in the ‘My Community’ tab
  • Ways to measure the effect of employee advocacy on content engagement & reach

Full insights about each of these new updates can be found below.

Lead Gen Forms for LinkedIn Product Pages

A LinkedIn Product Page is a tool presented a year ago which resembles a business page for a specific product.

If a business sells a famous product that customers examine and ask questions about online, a LinkedIn Product Page is where they can go.

Now Product Pages can be used to gather customer data through Lead Gen Forms.

Leads Gen Forms are a LinkedIn advertising feature, yet organizations can use them in product pages for free. They allow businesses to make a call to action that users can react to with pre-filled forms.

All users need to do is click on the call to action and the form is populated with details from their LinkedIn profile, like their name, contact information, organization name, status, work title, and location.

After submitting a lead form, users will see a “thank you” page with a link to a destination of the business’ choice.

For instance, these forms can be used to gather client data in return for a coupon code, a free download, or something of similar value.

Product Pages have simply been available to create on LinkedIn since December and many organizations still can’t seem to use them. There’s around 12,000 product pages currently published by 10,000 companies.

The ability to use lead gen forms for free may be the incentive businesses need to make pages for singular items, on top of having a page for their company.

Updates to “My Company” Tab

The “My Company” tab inside LinkedIn Pages is getting updated with a route for administrators to keep employees engaged with content.

A new ‘Recommend’ tool allows Page administrators to minister organic content and suggest trending articles, which workers would then be able to reshape through a new ‘Content Suggestions’ tool.

LinkedIn notices how employees are bound to engage with content and share it when it’s from their own company:

“Internal LinkedIn research shows that employees are 60% more likely to engage with posts from coworkers vs. non-coworkers, and 14x more likely to share their organization’s Page content vs. other brands’ content.”

LinkedIn is adding another analytics section in the My Company tab to help businesses measure the effect this element has on content engagement and reach.

LinkedIn Stories Update For Pages

LinkedIn makes a point of noting in its blog post that all Pages can use the swipe-up feature in their stories.

The swipe-up element isn’t available to all personal accounts, but it is available to all Pages.

That has been the situation since LinkedIn added the swipe-up feature a month ago, so I don’t know why it’s being mentioned again. Perhaps insufficient Pages know it exists. It could be a successful method to boost referral traffic.

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