LinkedIn Adding Three New Ways To Achieve Advertising Goals in Sweden

August 29, 2019
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LinkedIn Adding Three New Ways To Achieve Advertising Goals in Sweden

LinkedIn is adding three new marketing features for marketers to achieve their marketing goals in Sweden and all over the World.

Using Campaign manager, LinkedIn marketers can now optimize their marketing campaigns for the following objectives:

1. Brand Awareness:

Raise share-of-voice through top of funnel campaigns that charge by impressions.

2. Website Conversions:

Improve campaigns for specific website actions, like purchases or event registrations.

3. Job Applicants:

Ads can now be created to drive job applications.

LinkedIn Adding Three New Ways To Achieve Advertising Goals in Sweden

In an announcement, LinkedIn says:

“These new offerings are designed to continue to make it easier to improve key results and better align with your campaign objectives. Early results show it’s working, we’ve seen a 67% lift in customer satisfaction compared to our legacy Campaign Manager experience.”

Along with this update, they are enhancing their click pricing to align with the selected goals.

For example, if website visits are the main goal of the campaign, then marketers will only be charged for its clicks that goes to the landing page of their website.

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