Is Redirecting Multiple Domains to a Single Site Good for SEO?

November 30, 2020

Is Redirecting Multiple Domains to a Single Site Good for SEO?

When you say “direct various domains to one site,” I will assume you means “301 or some other sort of redirect from the additional domains to the customer’s site.”

And you do not mean “have the client’s website resolve for all of these domains.”

When to Redirect Other Domains to Your Main Domain

Thus, assuming we’re looking at redirecting these different domains to the client’s primary domain…

The main questions we have to reply in this situation are:

  • Where did these domains come from in any case?
  • Has this customer always had them (as in, would they say they were the first registrant)?
  • Have these domains ever had a site of “their own” (or do they currently have their own content/site)?

If any of the domains have ever been independent sites (that is, with their own content) or if they were controlled by people other than your customer, you are going to need to check up on the history of each of the domains.

You’ll want to pull a historical backlink profile returning as far as you can, and you’ll need a new backlink profile for every domain, also.

In the backlink profiles, search for things like links of questionable origin.

Did the earlier utilization of the domain include purchasing links or are there naughty/undesirable backlinks?

The last thing you want to do is 301 a domain with a large number of spam or pornography links to a client’s perfectly good (wholesome) domain.

If the domains have any sort of impression that shows there were nefarious activities in the past, I would not consider 301 redirecting the domains to the client’s active domain.

However, if the domains in question might have type-in value, you could 302 divert them to the customer site.

You are also going to need to check Google to see whether there are any effectively ranking pages on each of the domains.

If there are, is that content directly analogous to your client’s current content?

There is no value in redirecting a domain that ranks for terms identified with poodles to a site that contains content about used vehicles (or anything similar… if the content isn’t the equivalent, there’s no value in the redirect).

A long, long time ago, I acquired a direct competitor’s domain and 301 redirected most of their pages to pages of mine that contained basically the same content.

This implied that the clients actually discovered precisely what they were searching for, but on my site and not the competitor’s.

And all of the high-esteem links that had been pointing at the competitor’s site now 301 redirected to mine (and carried with them the worth related with the links).

Identified with this, if there are rankings on Google for any of the domains and clicking on (or attempting to click on) any of those outcomes triggers any sort of malware or malicious content warning, don’t divert that domain to your customer’s site.

If it would seem that there is content on the domain, but it doesn’t look like what you or your customer believes should be there (e.g., it’s a website that offers puppies for adoption, but all of the SERPs look like it’s a custom football shirt site), the existing domain/website is probably hacked.

If it’s a hacked site, you may have the option to use it but you will obliterate the entire file system and any databases connected to the site.

I’d probably move the hosting environment at any rate, and I would simply go to this effort if there are other essentially significant features related with the domain (like amazing backlinks, or directly related content/results).

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