InstaGram TV Announces Monetization for Creators

May 29, 2020

InstaGram TV Announces Monetization for Creators

As the influencer and maker world keeps on warming up with platforms charming content creators, IGTV has hopped into the fray.

IGTV’s Initial Monetization Offerings

There will be two beginning contributions: ads and badges. They have additionally noted they will continue to expand their Live Shopping offering, as well.

IGTV Live Badges

There will also be badges sold through Instagram Live, which will be tried one month from now with a small group of creators. Watchers can pick between 3 badges, running in cost from $0.99 to $4.99.

When a badge is purchased, it’ll appear in front of a user’s name and their comments will populate higher than others.

IGTV won’t be taking a cut of this income from the beginning, however will move to an income sharing model later on.


Promotions will appear and monetized for an initial group of 200 approved creators. The promotions will be from bigger brand name advertisers like, Ikea, Puma, Sephora, and others.

A 55% slice will go to the creators, as per Justin Osofsky, Instagram’s COO.

This might be an initial group, with plans to extend being confirmed.

How IGTV Ads Will Appear

Users will just see ads after clicking away from the feed preview to see the full-screen version.

The advertisements will be in common Instagram vertical extents, and last as long as 15 seconds.

Unlike what users are used to will full-screen ads in Stories, IGTV promotions won’t be a swipe up functionality. Clients will tap through.

There might be extra features later in the year, for example, the familiar feature of skipping promotions.

The Rules of Monetization

To ensure brand notoriety, there is an Instagram monetization policy set up. It is stricter than the usual content policy on the platform.

There are rules relating to configurations, practices and categories/content types.

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