Instagram Features You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

December 8, 2020
Instagram Features You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Instagram Features You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Instagram is one of the most well known social media platforms all around the world. From average people to big names, and from small business sources to large associations, everyone uses the application to connect with friends, family, and customers. The photograph sharing application managed to win everybody’s heart by its amazing features such as photo-editing features you get with your friends through Story posting.

The on-going pandemic has rather filled the craze for this application with many viral difficulties. However, there are so many features of Instagram that very few users are unaware of. Here are some of our favorite features of the social media platform.

Saved Posts

Each time we open Instagram, we get assaulted by hundred of posts. We see a post that we fall in love with but, shockingly, it disappears in the heap of pictures and no matter how hard we attempt to discover it again, we fail. But thanks to one of our favorite features of Instagram, the save feature, we can have our collection of these posts that we always need to keep with us.

You can also make your exclusive collection of photographs and videos that you liked without informing any friends or followers. So whenever you see an Insta post that you would prefer not to lose, make sure to press the rightmost button under it. By pressing this “bookmark” button, that specific post is added to your spared list which you can access at any time.

Hide Unwanted Ads

Do you also get irritated by ads coming close to each story while using Instagram? Well, we surmise that you didn’t know you can get rid of these irritants with the help of the Ads disappear feature.

Advertisers are seeing extraordinary potential on Instagram and, hence, we are getting countless promotions that generally ruin a user’s experience. But, Instagram has empowered its users to disable these ads. Whenever you see an advertisement that you don’t like, click on the upper right icon over the promotion post. You will see numerous options; just hit the “Hide Ad” option and no advertisement will actually upset you again.

Shopping Bag

Another element of Instagram that you most likely didn’t know about is the Shopping Bag.

You probably observed a little shopping bag icon on a photograph. But have you ever thought about what does it do? Well, this icon reveals to us that there is a product in that post that you can buy on Instagram. This feature lets you purchase the items appeared in an image effectively while being on that platform.

So, if you see a product next time that you need to buy, then click on the photograph and you will see a “view products” option in the bottom left corner. Tap on the item that you need to buy and essentially, click on “continue to checkout”

User Post Notifications

Instagram is an incredible platform for influencers to get loyal followers, who would prefer not to miss even a touch of their recent activities. Rather than wasting a lot of time checking their accounts over and over, Instagram lets you turn on user post notifications.

This element permits the application to send you a notification whenever your favorite user posts something on their account or even adds a new story.

Clear Search History

Many users don’t know about the clear search history feature of Instagram. Whenever you click on the application’s search bar to look for something, previously searched items appear as recommendations.

Now and again, we don’t want some of our searches to haunt us. Thus, with the help of this feature, you can essentially clear your recently searched content or accounts.

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