How to Stop a Website page from Ranking (Without Deleting It)

December 17, 2020

How to Stop a Website page from Ranking (Without Deleting It)

I can assist you with a couple of approaches to prevent your site from appearing to people in irrelevant areas.

Please be careful, though, as there could be some undesirable results.

Make Your Area Served clear

The first thing you can do is review your schema. There is an “area served” feature you could claim.

By defining the city, town, area, country, district, etc. you serve, you’ll sign to web crawlers that this is the only area your content or services is significant for.

Next, sign in to Google My Business and claim the same area and area served information.

Review Your Copy

Is your copy confined for your specific location? If not, can you modify the wording a bit to make it more evident that your services are just for the individuals inside your area?

Try to cover the local talking points inside your service area. It could be nearby special festivals to tourist spots like a statue in a park.

For instance, in case you’re discussing New Year’s Eve and you’re in Key West, Florida, fail to remember referencing Anderson Cooper and the ball drop in Times Square. Instead, focus on the drag queen that drops in the high heel.

Everybody knows about Times Square festivals but your neighborhood crowd knows about the local occasions.

Have you also assessed your footer and other lesser checked areas?

Site copy also includes the content for your footer and local information in the body part of a page.

Ensure area pages have local telephone numbers, road addresses, and intuitive maps.

Having this sort of data imparts signs that these are the areas individuals can contact you in and use your services.

The Downside of Localizing Website Pages

There is a disadvantage to all of this.

When you localize your website pages you could hurt your public and global rankings.

If you wind up needing to grow, sell, or merge organizations later on you will be unable to get the traffic back.

By ranking outside of your local area you could also be drawing in natural backlinks.

If your service page has inner links, then the absence of new backlinks could make all that begin declining because you’re not gaining links that pass authority.

When this happens to some of the local organizations I work with, I don’t hinder or attempt to dispose of the traffic. I rather assist them with adapting it and scale their organizations with it.

I offer leads to similar organizations outside of their market (when legal and the individual selects in – again lawfully) and I also build a group of people for podcasts, newsletters, and other communications to develop the brand.

These subscribers assist me with getting cross-promotions and PR occasions to scale my customers’ companies.

Final Words

Having traffic outside of your service territory isn’t generally something awful.

It’s how you use it that matters.

Consider this before attempting to dispose of this traffic.

And remember: when you do localize and that traffic disappears, you will most probably unable to get it back once more.

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