How to Redesign Your Facebook Business Page

November 18, 2019


Facebook business pages are very important to improve your business’s visibility, build your business awareness, and allow more than 2 billion people to find your business.

There are many options available to pitch up your Facebook business page. In fact, many of them take only a few minutes to give you a chance to get more attention, reach and engagement.

Present Your CTA in a Nice Way

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are at the top right of the Facebook page. Make sure that your CTAs direct visitors in the right direction. Well place your action that you want people to take through CTA, “Sign up” for collecting emails, “Send Message” to reach you directly “Book Now” to make appointments, “Shop Now” to send visitors to your eCommerce store.

Re-Arrange the Tabs

A list of tabs will be provided once the specific template is selected. On the left side of the Facebook business page, you can find tabs and help people to know more about your business or maybe to pick up a deal. Also check if the right tabs are “on” and the “off” tabs are not in use. Make sure you have information available in the tabs that are on. In order of importance, tabs can then be rearranged. Tabs are very good to share information in real time.

Pin Your New Updates to Your Timeline

You can place a picture to the top of your Facebook business page. It’s the first picture users will see upon opening your Facebook page. It can help revive your Facebook page.

You can update it daily, so whenever you have a new blog post or product, you can pin it on the top.

Place Video Cover

A video cover is the best to convey a message to user instantly. Make a short video highlighting your products, services, testimonials, or anything you want people to know about your brand; the cover video gives you a chance to get your message across.


Assist more with peopling find your business and start building social proof by including Facebook Recommendations to your business page.

Aside from a five-star rating, there is an upgraded tool which enables fans and followers to post content, pictures and tags legitimately on your page, enabling others to see, offer better feedback and furnish insights about their experience with your company.

Customize the Template

Facebook offers settings for choosing a recommended model dependent on your sort of business. Layouts incorporate services, movies, shopping, business venues, nonprofit, law, restaurants & cafes, video site, etc.

Announce a Reward

Facebook challenges and giveaways are incredible approaches to show gratefulness to followers. Competitions also serve well enough to reconnect fans with your page.

Get the most out of Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a famous mechanism for clients to communicate directly with your business. Indeed, Facebook has extended the Business Page Messenger to help nonstop client care and responsiveness.

When messaging is actuated on your page, brands can make pre-set welcome and programmed answers to help you in off-hours and stay accessible to individuals with relevant feedback or request.

If you have any confusion about Facebook business page. Ask our experts for the help. Email us at or geat a quote from here.

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