How to Plan an Effective Holidays SEO and Marketing Strategy

December 24, 2019


One of the most interesting things before the Christmas season is to get ready for it. Tragically, SEO isn’t as snappy as paid search. It requires some time and effort to get results.

If you realize that 30% to half of your business is done in the Christmas season, planning is critical to your success for the next Christmas season.

One of the most important activities is conducting a content review and analysis to see where the opportunities are for you to make new content or update existing content at least 6 to 8 months before the holidays.

I can’t reveal to you how frequently an organization has come to me with a request to rank for Christmas presents, however they don’t have any Christmas related content on their website.

No special page that has Christmas presents, no content that is important for various themes around Christmas presents, no inquiries that cater toward different Christmas present goal.

If you don’t have those basic components, you won’t rank for Christmas gifts related keywords.

Continuously work out a content schedule with different ideas and different content types that take into different intent.

For instance, it would bode well to have content that has some imagery on the grounds that the vast majority might want to see various kinds of Christmas present cards dependent on the goal of the inquiry.

It would also bode well to have an answer box technique for related inquiries because end users are asking inquiries. In this manner, your content technique should be comprehensive to catch them at the early stage.

When attempting to pick which items or pages to concentrate on, examine your past presentation for the past season.

Audit your analytics to see:

  • What items performed well a year ago.
  • How individuals found those landing pages.
  • What questions directed people to those landing pages.
  • How your landing page changed over.

It’s always a brilliant plan to work intimately with your paid search team and optimize for keywords and content that performed well from a paid search point of view and rank in striking separation on the organic side.

Having both paid and organic ads will dominate the search engine result pages and put your brand in front of more clients, which can improve sales and drive more traffic.

Don’t be cut from social. Social listening can furnish you with a ton of content ideas that you might not have even considered.

You may discover some new trendy keywords, new content ideas, or opportunities that competitors are utilizing that could profit your brand.

Pinterest is an absolute necessity for advertising holidays content. You can make holidays Pinterest boards which will grandstand your top holiday items and connection to your holiday pages.

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