How to Optimize WordPress AMP Stories for Google Search Results

February 14, 2020
How to Optimize AMP Stories for Google Search Results

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An official arrangement of proposals concerning SEO for AMP stories is now available from the AMP Open Source Project.

AMP stories are like stories on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The key distinction is they can be indexed and showed in Google Search results.

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AMP stories are just like the other site pages as in they have a URL on your web server, they are linkable, and they can also link out to other site pages.

Flavio Palandri Antonelli, a Software Engineer at Google, states:

“In particular, just like other pages on your site, make sure your Stories are linked from within your website so that your users and bots can actually discover them. If you are using a sitemap, make sure to include your Stories in that sitemap. If you are posting your regular web pages to social media, post your Stories as well. We could go on here, but the gist really comes down to: Follow the best practices you’re already applying to the rest of your website.”

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AMP stories should be optimized like some other page on your site. What works for normal site pages will likewise work for AMP stories.

All things considered, there are some SEO strategies explicit to AMP stories that can be used too.

Explicit SEO Tactics for AMP Stories

Here are the SEO strategies explicit to AMP stories. Remember these strategies aren’t far reaching and should be used related to the standard SEO work being accomplished for your pages.

Metadata: AMP stories have a built-in component to attach metadata to a story. This guarantees full compatibility with search engines and other disclosure includes that exploit metadata.

Internal linking: Site proprietors should liberally link to AMP stories from different pages, for example, connecting to them from the landing page or category pages where applicable.

URL format: There is no indicate in the URL of a story that it is utilizing the AMP stories design. Follow a similar URL format as other site pages on your site.

Page attachments: Page attachments can be utilized to introduce extra data in exemplary article from alongside your story.

Image descriptions: Use significant alt content where fitting.

Video captions: Consider giving captions as well as subtitles for the videos in your Stories.

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