How to increase your Facebook reaches in Sweden

September 24, 2019

How to increase your reaches on Facebook

Facebook has almost every type of users from all over the world. That’s why it is becoming a valuable source of marketing for all type of businesses.

Facebook announced back in August that they are conducting member surveys to understand what kind of images and videos user prefer. These surveys have leads to updates to Facebook Algorithms.

“Update on August 5, 2019

Better connecting you with the posts you care about.

In May, we began using surveys to show people links that are worth their times. We will extend that to photos and videos as well.”

These surveys are conducted to help Facebook understand what users want to see in their feed.

Get more Facebook reaches with Engagements

The most important thing here to understand is how a post get more reaches. Here is an example which help you to understand.

I recently had Facebook post from two year ago popup into many user Facebook feed. One person discovered the post and dared to comment on it. That comment revive the post, resulting into two more people adding comment on it. After that Facebook started showing the post not only to my friends but to friends of friends. As the post from two years ago gathered more discussion and started appearing on many more people Facebook feed.

The point here to show is how engagement works to extend the reach of the post. When people engage with the post, especially when they comment on it, it expand to reach friend of friends and those who previously interacted with your page.

Most importantly, posts are getting reaches if friends are engaging with them.

Give people more reasons to check your Page or Group

There are many ways to get people to engage with a post. Here are some reasons to increase engagements:

  • Post the latest events topics
  • Post informative or helping topics
  • Don’t explain, discuss
  • Don’t debate, discuss
  • Always make a post not about statement, about discussion
  • Post according to members or followers interest
  • Ask for their feedback and opinions

The most engaging people are who are asking about you. They know how to feel special to others. How to get engaged with others, they remember and ask about their children’s.

Community members have traditionally been lurkers. The same applies to Facebook pages and Groups. Most member read and decline to participate.

Your challenge as page manager or Facebook group admin is to draw those people out of their “lurk mode” and get them into posting mode.

Then most important thing is to give positive feedback to the people who engage. Never say negative thing. Keep it positive.

Why choose CodeLedge for Facebook Marketing in Sweden

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We provide Facebook marketing services to Sweden and all over the world. We do research and make posts according the latest topics and post interesting content, so the user engage with the posts and post reach to more users.

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