How to Increase Sales to an Ecommerce Site in Sweden

October 2, 2020

How to Increase Sales to an Ecommerce Site in Sweden

Effective eCommerce results are molded by understanding what purchasers need and how they need it.

The essence of a frictionless shopping experience is making it simple for buyers to settle on a choice and check out.

This is how to increase sales to an eCommerce website.

Frictionless Shopping

The idea of frictionless shopping is about making something simple to do.

Frictionless online experiences apply to all sites, but it’s especially basic for eCommerce sites.

Easy Navigation

Navigation is a reference to the menu used to assist users find and buy the products that they want.

The best approach is to make as much of the content available by linking to the top level categories from the menu.

For an especially large ecommerce website, this may mean linking to top level categories that are a few layers deep in the hierarchical structure.

What’s important to focus on is getting users to the most popular high level categories and giving them the chance to take one more click to their desired destination.

List Products by Popularity

Always list products by popularity.

This makes it simple for the most users to buy and buy what they need.

It’s rarely a smart thought to list products by price.

By listing products on category pages by order of popularity you guarantee that buying products on the site is simple for the most amounts of people.

Reviews Can Boost Sales

Reviews help make the decision making process easy. Always encourage users to return and leave reviews. Whatever you can do to encourage users to leave reviews will result in a win for you and for shoppers.

Showing reviews can boost the conversion rate by up to 270%, as indicated by a research study by the Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern University.

Mobile User Experience

It can be easy to disconnect from the idea that many users are on mobile. This extends on how the user experience is made where the desktop version may get more attention.

The MobileMoxie Page-oscope tool is valuable for testing site pages over a wide range of simulated devices to analyze how they work. It’s a helpful tool for uncovering where a page can be improved in order to make more sales.

Search Engine Journal Expert talked to the founder of MobileMoxie, Cindy Krum (@Suzzicks), about what things an ecommerce website should focus on for an extraordinary mobile user experience.

This is the thing that she suggested:

“What you are looking for is clear, unambiguous descriptions or keywords in your mobile navigation – nothing too creative or witty.

Remember that in some cases, using meaningful icons on your pages, that are out of the navigation, much like many top social networks do, can save space, and convey the meaning of your key points of navigation, without having to crowd a hamburger menu.

FYI – these icons are also great if you are running an international website, because they don’t have to be translated. Just make sure that you are using somewhat standard icons, that are universally or near-universally understood. Keep in mind that hover effects will not work on mobile, so you can’t use those to explain the meaning of your icons.

Within the hamburger navigation, try to avoid scrolling and drill-downs, especially if they go more than one level down.

If you have more than one level of drill-down menus, make it clear what heading of the drop down the user has open, and how to get to the primary elements in the dropdowns; also make it very clear how people can close the navigation, even if they don’t click on anything from it.

If there is room, it can also be good to include the search, log-in and log-out functions of your website in the hamburger navigation, though you might also need an account button to easily get people to the login too. Lots of banks and financial institutions do a great job with this.”

Increasing Conversions

The goal of frictionless eCommerce and a good user experience is sales. Focusing on eliminating the obstacles that block conversions is a way to increase sales.

Each conversation about how to structure the site navigation, how to make the best mobile shopping experience, or how to build trust is a conversation about conversions.

When considering what should be done about a particular website issue, looking at it from the perspective of how can it be done in a way that increases conversions will result in useful answers.

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