How to Effectively Use Stock Photography for Better SEO in Sweden

June 29, 2020

How to Effectively Use Stock Photography for SEO

The best utilization of stock photography is when there’s a strategy behind the use.

Does the Image Accurately Represent the Topic?

Sometime pictures are used figuratively and that is not generally the most ideal decision.

For instance, it is ostensibly a lost chance to utilize pictures of race vehicles in an article about the “race to succeed.”

That is an example of utilizing a picture that takes the word “race” in a context that is different from the topic.

And really, that picture doesn’t advance your objectives for changing over a site guest to use an product, click a link or whatever action you need.

A superior choice could be an optimistic picture, one that shows the success that can result from using the product. That can be a fruitful holiday meal, an individual graduating from college, whatever the result from the utilization of the product is can be a conversion-oriented picture.

That is a vital utilization of a picture to help a page to convert a visitor into a buyer.

Would the Image Work Well In a Featured Snippet?

This is a decent trial of how relevant a picture is to the topic. Studying the pictures used in featured snippets is a decent way to improve your understanding of what it implies for a picture to be relevant to the topic of a web page.

Will a strategic use of a stock picture help it rank in a featured snippet? That is a debatable topic.

I find that pictures with close connections to the topic that can convey an answer will in general work admirably for me. That implies utilizing unique pictures or updating and improving on stock pictures.

Does the Image Help Conversions?

I’m consulting for an association that was utilizing stock pictures showing a mix of people who commonly utilize their product.

For reasons unknown, a large number of the customers are a particular gender. Also, the individuals making buys are to mostly from a home office type situation.

My proposal was to increase the use of pictures featuring that gender and to utilize pictures with settings that show the typical users of their product. That way the potential customer can see them into the image and see how much better their lives would be if they made the purchase.

Stock Images and SEO

Utilizing stock photography won’t ruin your SEO. However the strategic use of stock pictures can enable a page to be more relevant to the topic that it’s about.

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